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Triangle Pin Cushion Tutorial

Every sewist needs a pincushion to keep track of pins, hand sewing needles, and machine needles. This little trio of triangles if the perfect thing to keep your pointy bits and bobs tidy. Make all three to help keep your sewing space organized to the utmost. Even just one pincushion pyramid is quite handy on its own, and adorably minimal on your sewing table. The best part--they are quick to make as you need only cut one fabric piece and stitch three small seams. 

Three Sizes of Triangle Pin Cushions

1/4 yard of each fabric
   Show in: Essex Yarn Dyed in Berry, Checkered Weave in Charcoal, Double Dots in Neon Pink
Rotary Cutter
Hex N More Quilting Ruler
Bamboo Point Turner
Sewing Pins
1 oz of Wool Roving (enough to make all three cushions)
Hand Sewing Needle

Triangle Pin Cushion Materials

All seam allowances are 1/4"

1) Determine what type/size of pin cushion you want to make.
Pins (large) - cut a 6 1/2 “ triangle
Machine Sewing Needles (medium) - cut a 5 1/2” triangle
Hand Sewing Needles (small) - cut a 4 1/2” triangle

Cut your fabric

2) Cut your fabric: Square up one side of your 1/4 yard of fabric. Line up the Hex N More Quilting Ruler at the correct size for your chosen pin cushion on the edge of the fabric. In this sample we are making the Hand Sewing Pin Cushion, so we lined the ruler up at the 4 1/2” triangle marking on the ruler. Square off all triangle corners using the top of the quilting ruler.

Triangle Pin Cushion- Larger Sizes

If you are making a medium or large pincushion, use a second ruler to measure your triangle height to 5 1/2" or 6 1/2" from point to bottom side of triangle. 

Sew your seams

3) Sew your pin cushion: Fold two of the triangle corners together, right sides together, and sew your first seam. Bring the other triangle peak up to meet the other two. Sew your second seam as you did the first. For your final edge, leave an opening in the middle of the seam, 1/3 the length of the full seam for turning and stuffing.

Turn pin cushion right side out

4) Turn Right Side Out: Using your bamboo point turner for crisp and pointy peaks, turn your pin cushion so that it is right sides out.

Stuff your pin cushion and sew it closed

5) Stuff and sew: Stuff your pin cushion with an ample amount of wool roving. Using the invisible stitch of your choice (we used a ladder stitch), sew the small opening on the side of your pin cushion closed.

Finished Triangle Pin Cushion

6) Finished: Use your cute pin cushion right away or start over and make one in every size!

Finished Pin Cushions



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