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Pussyhat Patchwork Tutorial

As a women-run business, we are always looking for ways to uplift and support women. With the Women’s March approaching, it seemed like the perfect time to show everyone just how incredible and powerful we think women are. Amber designed this quilt top for our new shop window display in support of Denver's Women's March and Project Pussyhat, but it was too great to keep it for ourselves. So we put together some instructions so that you can make your own simple and sweet Pussyhat patchwork. Join us in celebrating women the best way we know how… through crafting!

Pussyhat Patchwork Quilt

Pussyhat Quilt Pattern

Each block will finish at 11.5" wide and between 9" and 11.5" tall.  

To make a full quilt you will need about:
King: 100 blocks
Queen: 80 blocks
Throw: 30 blocks

Fabric Requirements:
Purchase your fabrics in multiples of 3/8 yards, the multiples depending on how many finished blocks you want (see more info below).

3/8 yard of main fabric is enough for 5 blocks (choose a mix of pink colors)
3/8 yard background fabric is enough for 10 blocks

*Purchase a little extra background fabric (3/8-1/2 yard) for finishing your quilt top (you'll use it to add a little length to shorter hat columns during quilt assembly).

If you would like all your blocks to finish square, at 11.5 x 11.5" tall, you will get only 4 blocks from each 3/8 yard cut of main fabric (instead of 5).

Each set of ears you cut will be a pair--two right ears or two left ears. Since each cut of your main fabric makes 5 blocks, the ear pairs will leave you with one extra of one ear and one less of the other ear (e.g. 6 left ears and 4 right ears.) Reversible fabrics (like solids and yarn dyed wovens) can just be flipped over, but for prints, you will have to trade an ear with another fabric. I think it makes for some cute mismatched ears, but if you'd like all your ears to match, stick to reversible fabrics or cut a half yard of each main fabric.

Pussyhat Patchwork Block with contrasting ear color

Download the cutting guide here

From main fabric, cut:
(1) 12" x Width of fabric 


Cutting across the 12" strip, cut:
(1) 4-7/8" x 12" rectangle 
(1) 3-7/8" x 12" rectangle

Three rectangles cut in half to form the ears

Cut the first strip into (3) 4-7/8" x 3-7/8" rectangles and discard the small remaining scrap.

Cut the second strip into (2) 4-7/8" x 3-7/8" rectangles and discard the small remaining scrap.

Ear Pieces laid out into left and right side ears

Cut these into your 10 ears, making sure to cut them into both left and right ears if you are using a print. (see note above). 


With the remaining 12" x 35ish" strip, cut:
(5) rectangles ranging from 6"-9" wide x 12"

If you would like to have all your blocks finish at 11.5" x 11.5" squares you can instead cut:
(4) 8-3/8" x 12" rectangles 

Continue cutting ears and hats from all your main fabric pieces.


From background fabric, cut:
(1) 12" x Width of fabric

Cutting across the 12" strip, cut:
(10) 3-7/8" x 12" rectangles (you might be able to get 11)

Make a small mark on each 3-7/8" edge, 3/4" from the top.

Make two small marks on the bottom 12" edge, 4" in from each side.

Use your straight edge and rotary cutter to trim off each bottom corner between the 3/4" mark and the 4" mark. Discard the corner scraps.

Continue making background pieces until you have one for each hat block. 

The layout of the ears, hat block, and background pieces for the Pussyhat Patchwork


Use 1/4 seams throughout.


Place one ear right side together with a background piece, aligning the angled edges of the two pieces. The outer edges of the ear should look misaligned with the other edges of the background if you are matching the ear to the correct side. If the outer edges are lining up neatly, you are sewing a "right ear" to a "left side" of the hat. When sewing the ears on, chant, "if it looks right, it's wrong!" This helped me match the correct ears to the correct side!

Attaching the ears to the background piece

Press seams toward the ear. 

Repeat for other ear and all remaining ear/background sets. With prints, make sure you plan your "ear trades" so you aren't left with a bunch of left or right ears.

Hat Blocks 

Once your ears are complete, pair them with the matching hats. 

Place ear block right sides together with hat rectangle, aligning the bottom edge of the ear block with 12" edge of the hat rectangle. Seam together and press toward hat.

Repeat to make all hat blocks. True up and trim the hat blocks to 12" wide. 

Attaching the newly finished ear block to the hat block


Lay out your hat blocks into columns to plan your quilt top. 

To make a throw quilt, about 57" square, lay out:
5 columns, each column 6 blocks high 

To make a queen quilt, about 92" square, lay out:
8 columns, each column 10 blocks high 

To make a king quilt, about 104" square, lay out:
9 columns, each column 11 blocks high 

Number your columns with scrap paper to keep them in order, and sew each column of hats together. 

Measure your longest column. If any columns are more than 1" shorter than this measurement, lengthen them with background fabric to match this measurement. Cut a piece of background fabric and sew to one end of each short column. Alternate ends so some are at the top and some are at the bottom.

Layout finished quilt blocks and design an overall look

Cut rectangle:
[Height difference + 1/2" for seam allowances] x 12" wide

Once your columns are about the same length, sew them together. Press all seams and trim any unevenness in the quilt length. 

Finish and bind your quilt as desired!

Detail of the finished Pussyhat Patchwork Quilt Top

Women in hand-knit Pussyhats

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