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Pom Pom Tassel Tutorial from The Neon Tea Party

Pom poms and tassels are all the rage right now, adorning everything from jewelry and accessories to home decor. But did you know they’re super easy (and fun!) to make?

The Neon Tea Party Pom Pom Garland

On Saturday, October 20th we’re hosting a pom pom and tassel workshop lead by Marisa Morrison of The Neon Tea Party, a colorful crafting business out of New York City. During the three hour class you’ll learn how to make perfect pom poms, professional tassels, and put them together to create a playful bag charm you can hang anywhere!

The pom pom and tassel project possibilities are endless, so we asked Marisa to share another project idea for something you can make with your new pom pom and tassel skills after taking the class. Queue this fabulous pom pom and tassel garland DIY!

The Neon Tea Party Pom Tassel TutorialPom Pom Garland Supplies



Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

Using a Slingshot XL Loome, wrap your yarn around the width of the Loome as many times as you like to make a tassel of your desired density. Thin yarns will need more revolutions and thick yarns will need fewer. Use the notches of the Loome to secure your yarn tails in place; be sure to secure your beginning and end tails on the same arm of your Loome.

Tassel Garland Tutorial

Using a new piece of yarn, thread it through the center space of your wrapped yarn. Pull the new piece of yarn to the side of your Loome opposite the trimmed tails.

Carefully remove the yarn from your Loome and tie a double knot with the added piece of yarn to create the top of your tassel. Cut open the bottom loops of your tassel, open up your tassel and rotate the knot from the top string to the underside of your tassel.

Fold your tassel closed again. The top of your tassel should now have a clean loop at the top. Next, take a new piece of yarn in the same color or an accent color and wrap it around the head of your tassel about 3/4” down. You can wrap as many times as you want until how you like how it looks, just be sure to pull the wraps tight to create a “head” effect.

The Neon Tea Party Tassel

Tie a double knot to secure the wrap, then trim off the excess yarn close to the knot. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even it out. (P.S. You’ll learn how to make wraps with hidden knots at our pom pom and tassel workshop!


How to Make Pom Poms

To learn how to make perfect pom poms, head here to watch The Neon Tea Party’s video tutorial. For this step, you’ll need yarn, a Robot Loome tool, embroidery floss, Pom Pom Trim Guide, and sharp scissors. To create multi-colored pom poms, haphazardly wrap as many colors as you like


Pom Pom Garland Assembly by The Neon Tea Party

Lay out your pom poms and tassels matching up each pom with a tassel. We’re going to turn each pair into a pom-tassel, perfect for stringing onto a garland.

To make a pom-tassel, start by cutting a piece of embroidery floss about 8”. Using your tapestry needle, thread the embroidery floss under the top loop of the tassel then under the interior string of your pom pom.

Tie the two ends of the embroidery floss together with a double knot. Be sure to pull tightly to bring the pom pom and tassel close together.

The final step is to thread your pom-tassels onto a sturdy piece of yarn using your tapestry needle. The needle should go right through the center of your pom pom. If it doesn’t go through right away, rotate your pom pom about 90 degrees and it should slide through.

Neon Tea Party Pom Pom Garland Tassel

And that’s it!! These pom pom tassel garlands are so fun and festive. You can hang them in your home as a playful decoration or whip some up for holidays and parties. Feel free to make garlands just with pom poms, just with tassels, add beads, add ribbon, whatever inspires you!

For more pom pom and tassel DIY ideas, head to

Marisa Morrison

The Neon Tea Partyis on a mission to prove that everybody (yes, you too!) can craft and encourage you to get in touch with your creative side. TNTP provides fun DIY ideas, kits, and classes to help you make on-trend, globally-inspired products that will add joy to your home and wardrobe. Marisa Morrison is the color-loving, globe-trotting, llama-collecting, DIY-obsessed founder of The Neon Tea Party. When she's not making pom poms or emailing with craft party clients from her mud cloth covered desk, you can find Marisa scrolling Pinterest for fresh project inspiration, cooking dinner for her family and friends, or scheming her next exotic vacation.

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