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Halloween Collar and Felted Pumpkin Flare

A quick thing I love to make are dog collars for Itty Bitty, my Boston Terrier. From Wonder Woman to donuts, she is always a stylish pupper. When it comes to the holidays, I always make her a round of fresh collar flare. Since I don’t dress up for Halloween, Itty Bitty represents my holiday spirit. The best thing about making collars is that they take next to no fabric so they can be a great scrap buster - that is, if you have the willpower to resist buying fun new fabric! 

To make the collar, I first measure her neck and cut my fabric and webbing to size. I wrap the fabric around the webbing (no need to interface because the webbing is already so sturdy) and stitch the fabric down. For this step, I always like to pick a fun, contrasting thread. I do a few extra rows of stitching near the buckles for reinforcement. It’s important not to forget the D ring because that’s where you will clip your leash to!

This time, I decided to add a pumpkin charm that I needlefelted out of Felted Sky Felter’s Fleece and Felter’s Palette that we just started carrying. Next up for Itty Bitty is a stylish velvet collar for Christmas! 

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  • Oct 24, 2019

    So adorable!! We can’t put collars on our 1 year old beagle pups as they chew each other’s collar, I can imagine how much fun they would have with that pumpkin! Crossing my fingers that they will grow out of that and I can make them some cute fabric scrap collars too :-)

    — Linda (ACraftyScrivener)

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