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Fancy Holiday Scarf (FREE PATTERN)

There is nothing better than a chunky knit scarf for the winter. Jaime’s new free scarf pattern, the Fancy Holiday Scarf, is everything your cozy wintertime dreams are made of!  Designed with a couple of our favorite super bulky yarns in mind and knit on size 100 knitting needles, this jumbo scarf comes together in just a few short hours. Great for beginners and experienced knitters alike, you will breeze through this project no matter your skill level!

Fancy Holiday Scarf

Pattern: Fancy Holiday Scarf by Jaime Jennings FREE in the 2018 Holiday Look Book
1 1/2 Cones Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok Jumbo, 1 pair Loopy Mango 40" Size 100 needles
For Fringe: Knerd String Worsted Mini in Birthday Suit and Circle in the Sand
Knerd String Fingering Mini in Peachy and Shade 1 of 50
Hedgehog Sock Mini in Typewriter
OmegaCryl Blush 67

Fancy Holiday Scarf from Woolstok Jumbo


2 hanks Knit Collage Wanderlust, 1 pair size 100 needles
For Fringe: Knerd String Worsted Mini in Seaglass
Knerd String Fingering Mini in Sachet, Birthday Suit and Green Seaglass
Hedgehog Sock Mini in Hula Hoop
OmegaCryl Watermelon 40

Fringe on the Fancy Holiday Scarf by Jaime Jennings

Adding fringe to your Fancy Holiday Scarf can bring an extra pop of color and add even more length and drama to your finished knit. We put together a tutorial to help you make the best looking fringe around. 

Fringe Tutorial

Fancy Holiday Scarf Fringe Tutorial

  1. Unwind mini hanks and lay flat.
  2. Cut hanks on either end of the loop so you have two even cuts of yarn. Each cut should be about 22” long
  3. Separate each of your cut hanks into two sets, one for each end of the scarf.
  4. Make 15 small, even bundles of yarn from each of your yarn sets in Step 3 to form the tassels. You will be making 30 total tassels, but it easiest to do the first 15 and attach them to one side of the scarf before moving on to your second 15 tassels. TIP: It is fun to mix and match colors in the tassels, but don’t group more than 2-3 colors per bundle. The fringe is most successful when you can identify color bunches. 
  5. Fold one Tassel from Step 4 in half and pull it through the first stitch on your scarf from the back of the scarf to the front, making sure to keep the loop at the top easily accessible 
  6. Reach through the loop at the top of your folded tassel and grab the tail of the tassel
  7. Pull the tail of the tassel froward through the loop.
  8. Gently tug the tassel tail to tighten.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 with the remaining 14 tassels, distributing them evenly across one end of the scarf. Trim ends if desired (we left ours a little wild).
  10. Repeat steps 4-9 for the second end of the scarf. 

Fancy Holiday Scarf

This simple knit scarf pattern can be found on page 10 of our 2018 Holiday Look Book. We hope you enjoy this free little holiday gift from us to you! Share your makes with #fancyholidayscarf.

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