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Fancy Baby Blocks Tutorial

The beauty of these fabric baby blocks is that they can be made in any size with any seam allowance.  I chose my sizes to coordinate with Rae Ritchie’s Pura Vida collection, perfectly showcasing my favorite fussy-cut rainforest animals.  I paired them with some pretty solids that are “quilted” with crunchy Insul-Bright and added ribbon loops for a sound and texture babies love. Consider “quilting” yours with free-motion letters or hand-embroidery for an heirloom toy that will be passed on for generations.

Fancy Baby Blocks

Sizes: Small (Medium, Large) for Hanging Around Sloth (Sleepy Tiger, Pura Vida) prints
Finished Measurements: 2.5” square (3.5”, 4.5”)
Seam Allowance: ⅜”

Fancy Baby Blocks Sewing Tutorial


¼ yd or fat quarters of several prints and solids. For each block, I used 2 prints (Fabrics A and B), and 1 solid (Fabric C)
¼ yd of Insul-Bright
Assortment of ribbons/trims
Cotton Stuffing
Rotary Cutter
Quilting Ruler
Cutting Mat
A walking foot for your machine is helpful, but is not required

Fancy Baby Blocks Materials


    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 1-3
    Step 1- Cut two 3.25” (4.25”, 5.25”) squares from each Fabric A, B, and C.
    Step 2- Cut two 3.5” (4.5”, 5.5”) squares from the Insul-Bright.
    Step 3- Cut 2-3 ribbons 3”-4” in length.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Step 4
    Step 4- “Quilt” the Insul-Bright squares behind Fabric C. Layer one square C on top of one Insul-Bright square with right side facing up. Sew your preferred design (using a walking foot will help!) to quilt the two together. Trim the Insul-Bright to the size of original square C. Repeat with second square C.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Step 5
    Step 5- Squares A and B: mark ⅜” from each corner with a water soluble marker.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 6-7
    Step 6- Place 1 square A on top of a quilted C square, right sides together, and pin in place along one edge.
    Step 7
    - Sew along the edge of your A/C piece between the two marks you’ve made in Step 5.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 8
    Step 8- Place your second A square opposite your first A square on the same quilted C piece right sides together. Pin and sew in place as in Step 7.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 9
    Step 9- Repeat Steps 6-8 on the opposite sides of your quilted C piece with both B squares.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 10
    Step 10- Place your second quilted square C right sides together on the top of one of your A squares. Pin and sew between the dots.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 11
    Step 11- Fold one of your ribbons in half and line up the ends along the edge of 1 square A on the right side of the fabric. Repeat on the second square A.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 12
    Step 12- Pin and sew all A square edges to coordinating B square edges between the marked dots. Press all seams open.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 13
    Step 13- Attach the remaining three sides of the top C piece in the same manner, BUT on the last side, leave an opening at least 1.5” wide. Press a crease in the last side with the opening to assist in hand sewing later.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 14
    Step 14- While the cube is still inside-out, carefully clip each corner.
    Fancy Baby Blocks Steps 15
    Step 15- Turn right side out.  Stuff.  Close the opening by hand-sewing with a ladder stitch.

    How to make fabric Baby Blocks

    You are finished. It's time to slip those blocks directly into the smallest hands you can find and don't forget to share your blocks with #fancybabyblocks!


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