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Tiger Travels: Faroe Islands, Pt 5: Tórshavn

Tórshavn is the largest town on the Faroe Islands, with nearly half of the population of Faroe living in the vicinity. It is the capital and port city, but still has the charm unique to the islands, with turf-roofed houses, meat curing sheds and winding cobblestone paths through the center of town. Near the harbor, the Faroese government buildings sit on the same small peninsula where Vikings founded their parliament in the 800s, one of the oldest parliamentary meeting places in existence. Kris, our friend from Navia, was our guide as we walked through the buildings, many of which were wooden houses from the 16th century.

Parlament Harbor in Torshaven 

Plenty of wonderful wooly things can be found in the shops here. Wool is highly appreciated in Faroe, and of course, that makes it one of our favorite places! Guðrun & Guðrun, a Faroese fashion brand, have their home store right in Tórshavn and inside are all kinds of bright and modern wool sweaters and accessories.

Guorun & Guorun

Sirri, a Faroese brand of wool, carries both their own yarn and finished goods. Their beautiful sweaters have a bit of traditional Faroese style in the designs, with high contrast, natural colorwork. 


One of our favorite stops was Føroya Heimavirkisfelag, the Faroe Handmakers Shop. Inside was hundreds of amazing, one of a kind, handmade woolen goods, from sweaters to scarves and mittens to tiny knitted colorwork ornaments. Each maker tags their items with their name, and it is apparent that there is a high number of knitters per capita in Faroe! The knitting prowess of these crafters is amazing! 

Føroya Heimavirkisfelag

One last stop, before dinner, we visited Navia's store in the big city. We couldn't stop dreaming of their ready-to-wear sweaters, so we went to try more sweaters on! Navia's beautiful, traditionally inspired sweaters are made from their various hand-knitting yarns. It's is a sweater lover's dream!

Navia Ready-Wear Sweaters

We walked back towards the harbor, to Barbara Fish House. Faroe has some seriously delicious and fresh seafood, and Tórshavn is the place to go out to restaurants, as most of the other villages don't have places to eat. Our dinner was amazing. Horse mussels, wine, bacalao, was a perfect way to end our trip. 

Barbara Restaurant in Torshavn

Check back on Monday, when Jaime shares the Navia Tradition sweater she knit on our Faroese journey!

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