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Travels to the Faroe Islands, Part 4: Hiking and Landscapes

Dear Readers. If you decide to make the long trek to this amazing country, we hope you like the outdoors! The natural beauty of Faroe is its main draw. Oh so many hiking trails, it makes our hearts sing! The Visit Faroe site (which is indispensable if you go) has a 65-page guide to hiking on Faroe. Once you arrive on Faroe, you can even pick up a complimentary copy at the airport to help you plan your treks.  

Hiking Faroe

We had the pleasure to go on a few hikes while in Faroe. We'll have to go back to complete the rest! Most of the hiking trails are the original paths used by residents of Faroe to get from one village to another. Because Faroe is so mountainous and has so many fjords, the shortest way from one village to another is often by foot. These trails have connected the villages for many, many years, and once were the only means of getting from one place to another. The trails are marked by cairns, man-made clusters of rocks that are made to be seen over a long distance, guiding the way for those on foot. 

Jaime jumping on a hike far off in the distance

Sheep will be with you on your hikes as they graze all over the islands. As we left the town of Oyndarfjørður on a hike, several curious and friendly sheep followed us. Also a destination for bird watching, you'll see all sort of seabirds on your hikes around Faroe. 

Sheep Friends following along the hike

The landscape in Faroe is stunning at every curve. In fog or sun, wind or rain, it is beautiful. Be sure to pack some sturdy, comfortable, waterproof walking shoes with you, your wind/rain gear, and get out and enjoy the landscape. We think hiking is the best way to take in all of Faroe's natural beauty, but biking, sailing, and fishing are outdoor activities you could also enjoy on Faroe. 

The stunning Faroe Landscape

Check back tomorrow as we visit Tórshavn, the capital and largest town on the Faroe Islands.

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