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Fancy Tiger Goes to Sweden: Gotland - Part 2

The following day we headed south from town towards rural wheat fields, the Gotlands Spinneri, and local farm stores. All along the way we saw more of the island's dramatic coastline. This island takes my breath away!

At the local farm shops we found Gotland sheep goods of all kinds. Yarn, hand-knit items, sheepskin shoes, vests, and gloves; pelts, meat, and other finished goods. At one of the farms there were tiny 2" scraps of sheep skin. The farmer explained that they use up almost every bit when making their products.

Glossy, curly-locked Gotland sheep were grazing in many of the fields and they were very interested in checking us out--and we were in love with them!

We continued south to the Gotlands Spinneri, our most anticipated destination of the trip! This small operation spins 100% Gotland wool yarns. What a special place! The spinnery mills yarn from this heritage breed of wool, right in the place where it is grown. The mill was almost lost in 2001, but when it was about to close its doors, the community invested in the mill to keep it on the island and keep the yarn-making local.

The mill separates Gotland's natural rainbow of grey into four shades of grey, to create a color palette of natural grey yarns. They also overdye the light grey wool into bright colors, for shiny, bright-hued yarn. The shiny longwool makes a lustrous yarn with a beautiful halo, and we each chose a project or two's-worth of yarn.

Natural beauty was everywhere as we traveled around the island. We stopped on the coast for cliffside knitting...

...and at an adorable beach for smörgåsbord and more knitting (complete with sheep flag!)...

...and on the way back to town we couldn't resist the poppy-filled wheat fields no longer, and had to go on this expedition into Gotland's picturesque, pastoral fields.

Leaving Gotland was really hard, as we fell head over heels for this magical place. We have one more place to visit though, on our Nordic adventure, and we can't wait to share about our Viking adventures on Åland! Check back tomorrow!


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