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Yolanda's Illuminated Ilford

Jacket and arms crossed

Pattern: Ilford Jacket by Friday Pattern Company
Fabric Used: Roma Hanky Metallic with matching thread, Skull buttons
Size Made: 1X
Modifications - Reduced arm seam allowance from ⅝” to ¼”. Reduced length by 2”

I’ve been admiring the Friday Pattern Company patterns for a while and with more time at home, it seemed like a good opportunity to make a final commitment to learn to sew. All of my previous sewing adventures have been in classes or with one-on-one guidance, so this was my first attempt at sewing a garment flying solo.

Woman wearing jacket

If you’re not familiar with Friday Pattern Company, take a look at their site. I appreciate how inclusive they are in terms of sizes as well as model representation. Additionally, they donate 5% of their proceeds to a variety of charities so what’s not to love? The proceeds from the Ilford Jacket go to The Trevor Project.

Roma Hanky Metallic fabric is 100% linen; however, because of the metallic threads, I did a bit of research on fabric care before washing. I learned that the metallic threads do not shrink the way that regular fabric/threads do so I made a decision that this jacket would be dry clean only and confirmed on the Spechler Vogel website that dry cleaning is an option. The end result is a lovely, drapey jacket that I can dress up or down--depending on where I’m going and my mood.

Jacket and hands

In addition to the beautiful metallic threads, I wanted to bling up the jacket with a fun button and found these skulls to be great accents!

Jacket with skull buttons

I reduced the arm seam allowance since my upper arms are big, even considering that the pattern is a drop shoulder, so there is naturally some extra upper arm room. I had a Bob Ross “happy accident” and reduced the length 2”. The “accident” was that the front of my jacket was shorter than the back but since I am not as tall as I pretend to be, it was a good idea to shorten the jacket anyway.

Woman wearing jacket

This pattern is perfect for beginner as well as advanced sewists, since there are so many options and variations to choose from. I chose a simple jacket this time, but look forward to making another version with a lining (once I amp up my sewing game!) as well as making a shirt version of the jacket. Just google “Ilford Jacket Blog” to lose hours of your day exploring the possibilities!!

One of the best lessons I learned during the making of my jacket is to read the entire pattern (even twice) before embarking on your sewing journey. Friday Pattern Company does an amazing job of spelling things out in easy to understand terms; however, if all else fails, “To The Googles!” There is an endless supply of videos online to help you understand topstitching, how to make a button hole, etc.

Woman in jacket

When Fancy Tiger Crafts reached out with this ambassador invitation, I wanted to use it as an opportunity for growth. I learned so much during this journey and am SO pleased with my jacket! I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug so stay tuned for more wardrobe additions! Since finishing the jacket, I’ve made the Lottie Dress and I’m getting ready to start the Wilder Gown.

I appreciate that Fancy Tiger Crafts is reaching out to a variety of skill levels of makers to represent as ambassadors. It’s a great invitation to join the maker community, regardless of skill level. I can’t wait to see what you make!!

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