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Wool Journey: Meadowsweet Shawl

In summer, the fields of Shetland are abloom with meadowsweet. This dainty, fragrant flower is as lovely as it is practical; the puffs of delicate flowers are collected for their gentle healing properties. The Meadowsweet Shawl was designed with this practical charm in mind.

Meadowsweet Shawl from Wool Journey: Shetland

Meadowsweet is a darling little shawl with fun construction and completely reversible stitches throughout. It is based on a traditional Shetland Shawl construction, but I've strayed from the conventional rate of increasing to create a longer, more narrow triangle. It can be worn many ways: like a scarf, wrapped up like a cowl, or gently placed over the shoulders.

Wool Journey: Shetland Meadowsweet Shawl

The main body of the shawl is squishy, reversible garter stitch. I-cord bindoff at the top makes a beautiful smooth and sturdy edge along the neck. The icord edge continues as you pick up and knit a garter based lace. There is no "wrong" side to this shawl, it's beautiful no matter which way you wear it!

Meadowsweet Shawl Bindoff

Short-row garter scallops embellish the edge and a picot bindoff adds to the simple sweetness mimicking the swaying fronds of Meadowsweet in Shetland's summer fields.

Meadowsweet Shawl in Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme 2-ply Lace

This shawl was made with Sheltand Supreme 2ply lace weight in the natural brown Moorit.  Shetland Supreme uses only 100% Shetland wool grown on the islands, so J & S works closely with over 700 of Shetland's crofters and farmers to source their wool and only comes in natural sheep colors, which just happen to be the perfect spectrum of neutrals!.

 Amber's Meadowsweet Shawl

Meadowsweet knits up beautifully in a lace as well as a fingering weight yarn.

Wool Journey: Shetland Meadowsweet Shawl


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  • Oct 21, 2019

    I sent you another message through Ravelry. I am making the Meadowsweet shawl. I am at the point of lace. What do I do with the three stitches on each end? Do I knit them, slip them or do what?
    A friend is also making the shawl and we are unsure how to treat those three stitches at each end..


    — Marge Jones Palik

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