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Willow Tankathon 2017

In order to prepare for my recent trip to Savannah Georgia and the promise of 80 degree days, it seemed like some new tank tops were in order. I went with my go-to tank pattern - Willow by Grainline and whipped out two new tops!

Jaime's Willow Tank by Grainline Studio

Pattern: Willow by Grainline Studio 
Fabric: Pineapple Stripe in Sorbet
Size Made: 4
Modifications: removed bust darts

Pineapple Lawn Willow Tank


Jaime's Pineapple Lawn Willow Tank

Last year I made a few Willow tanks and I love them. The pattern is simple and is perfect to show off a fun print. Our recent order of Japanese fabrics means we have a ton of cute prints in right now and I couldn't resist this soft Pineapple lawn in my favorite pink colorway. We also have these babies in yellow and blue - it was a tough choice. 

Pattern: Willow by Grainline Studio 
Fabric: Checkered Weave in Midnight
Size Made: 4
Modifications: removed bust darts

Andover Woven Cotton Ikat Willow Tank


I've been obsessed with Andover's collection of Ikats and needed to make something. Willow tank to the rescue. These woven fabrics have a lovely hand and are great for garments. If you know a pattern works, it's always nice to make a couple at once. This production-style sewing made it super quick for me to sew these tanks. This pattern has great instructions like all Grainline patterns. The neck and arms are finished with bias tape. My favorite part of this tank is the wide, heavy hem that hits at the perfect spot. 

Jaime's Willow Tank

I'm back in Colorado now and it's still cold out, but Summer, I am ready for you. 

Jaime's Willow Tank Neckline

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  • Mar 08, 2017

    Hi Becky!

    I trace the pattern in my size with the bust dart onto Swedish tracing paper. Then I fold the tracing paper along the dart and tape it as if I were sewing it. I then use this flat piece to trace my front out of. You will need to do a bit of finagling with the curve of the line to make sure the pattern piece still meets the fold and grainline of the fabric.

    — Jaime Jennings

  • Mar 06, 2017

    How do you cut the pattern to remove the bust darts? Thanks!!

    — becky

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