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What's Love Got To Do With It?

We just got in a unique new yarn so I decided to bust out a simple tank and give it a try. Welcome, Tina Tape by Wool and the Gang!

Wool and the Gang's What's Love Tank

Pattern: What's Love Tank by Wool and the Gang (available in-store)
Yarn: Tina Tape by Wool and the Gang in Fern Green
Size Made: Smallest
Modifications: Seamed shoulders using a 3-needle bind off

What's Love Tank Neckline

Tina Tape is a 100% Tencel tape yarn. A quick peak on the WATG website finds that "Tina Tape Yarn uses renewable energy and is made of fiber from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees. Tina Tape Yarn Lyocell fiber is manufactured by Lenzing fibers in a closed-loop system, which means resources like water and solvents get reused instead of ending up as pollution and waste."

Tina Tape is vegan and is soft, silky and drapey. The fabric it produces is quick to knit on size 10.5 needles and is cool and comfortable to wear. It's a great summertime yarn and a great alternative to linen if you find linen to be too coarse to knit with or wear. 

Jaime's Tina Tape Tank

This pattern from Wool and the Gang is super simple. Like all of their patterns, it is meant to be knit on straight needles and suitable for a very novice knitter - you only have to know how to knit and k2tog to make this tank! 

Tina Tape Yarn Detail

The front and back of this garter stitch tank are knit separately and seamed. Before you decide you're going to knit this in the round, remember that knitting garter stitch pieces mean you can knit every row. If you decide to knit this in the round you will have to alternate knitting and purling rows to create the garter stitch fabric. 

Side view of Jaime's What's Love Tanl

The only alteration I made to this pattern is to leave the shoulder stitches live on stitch holders and then seam them together using a 3 needle bind off. Overall I am pleased with this tank. It knit up in just a couple of weeks and is super comfortable to wear. The dark saturated green is stunning and especially unusual for summer which I'm totally into. 

Jaime's Wool and the Gang What's Love Tank


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  • Feb 20, 2019

    I have just ordered this kit from Wool and the Gang – co-incidentally in the same colour as you. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending the 3 needle bind off. I have just researched and it will be perfect for this top (mattress stitch never works for me). This top looks gorgeous on you and I can’t wait to make it for me!

    — vicki

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