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Wanderlust Tee: Britney's Slinky Bamboo Stripe

I just love how quickly the Wanderlust Tee sews up! It feels like you go from absolutely nothing to a wonderful, finished top in no time at all! It is completely satisfying and fun to try in a bunch of different fabrics.

Materials: 1.25 yards of Bamboo Stripe Jersey in Pewter and White
Size Made: XS
Modifications: none

I'm always styling this shirt the exact same way, just by itself with high waisted pants. Sometimes I add a jacket when it's cool out. I love that it doesn't need any special styling to look fantastic and totally put together.

This bamboo jersey is super slinky, which makes for a really comfy shirt but made sewing a little tricky. When it came to top-stitching, I switched over to a walking foot to keep the slinky fabric from getting eaten by the machine. For my next Wanderlust I plan on letting the sleeves and bottom have a rolled hem instead of a sewn hem, just to try a different, more casual look.

Tomorrow we continue the Wanderlust fun with Caitlin and Lauren!

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