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Twinari Tees

Lauren Wright and Amber Corcoran's Twinari Tees


I love the Inari Tee's boxy, cropped style! This pattern is one I've been wanting to try out, so when we received this amazing Crowded Faces was time. Inari's simple construction is the perfect choice for this black and white print. 

Amber Corcoran's Named Clothing Inari Tee

Right off the bat, I was sure I needed to make a few adjustments to the pattern. The dartless pattern looks fantastic up to a certain cup size, but adding a dart would be more flattering for my larger bust size, allowing for a better fit in the shoulders. I decided to do a full bust adjustment (FBA) and also lengthen the pattern two inches for my longer torso. 

Inari Tee Full Bust Adjustment

Check out this tutorial to learn how I did my bust adjustment: FBA: Adding Darts to a Dartless Top

Crowded Faces Lawn by Lady McElroy

Once my adjustments were made, this top came together in a flash! Now that I have my own custom pattern sorted, I can't wait to make more Inari Tees. 

Twinari Tee Powers Activate

I got the best surprise when I went to work and realized Lauren also made a Crowded Faces Inari Tee! Twinari Tee powers activate!


First of all, Twin tees are the best tees! 

Second, I can’t stop making the Inari pattern! If you follow along with our blog, then you probably saw the Ikat Inari Dress I made a few weeks back. That wasn’t even close to my first Inari though. This is my second shirt in addition to the dress! I love how versatile this pattern is. Somehow it looks like a completely different shirt in each new fabric I use. This time around I added 3” of length just to make it a little more ‘top’ than ‘crop’.

Lauren Wright's Lady McElroy Inari

I was so excited to see Amber's matching shirt when she brought it to work! #squadgoals achieved 


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  • Sep 06, 2018

    Hello Foster,
    Neither Amber nor Lauren made any adjustments to the sleeves on this shirt.

    Happy Sewing- Fancy Tiger Crafts

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Sep 06, 2018

    Did either of you make adjustments to the sleeve?

    — Foster

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