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Triple Toaster-tastic

Jaime and Amber have been crazy busy sewing Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #2's! These simple and effortless garments come together quickly and easily transition between winter and spring. Check out all three of their terrific toasters!

Jaime and Amber's Terrific Toaster Sweaters

Amber's Hemp Terry Toaster

I've been hankerin' to make the Toaster Sweater from Sew House Seven for a while now, and when we received some new Hemp French Terry, it was on. This cozy, thick knit is a perfect sweatshirt weight and I fell in love with the bright cobalt blue.

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater

Pattern: Toaster Sweater (Version 2), by Sew House Seven
Fabric: 1-5/8 yards Hemp French Terry Blue
Size made: M
Modifications: lengthened body 3"

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater in Hemp French Terry

I have a long torso and wanted this sweater to be warm and cozy, so I decided to make my Toaster a bit longer. I added 3" to the length of the body pieces. Since I hadn't actually cut additional fabric for lengthening, I had trouble fitting all my pieces onto my fabric. I ended up cutting the sleeves on the cross grain to be able to fit them onto my fabric. 

Collar of the Toaster Sweater

I absolutely love the construction of this garment. The bodice includes its own neck facing all in one piece, and the top comes together like magic, and so fast. 

Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven

The side vents also come together easily and look SO good. You know how when you craft your own clothes, folks might compliment you, like, "Oh, it looks like you bought it at a store!"  Well, I was impressing even myself like that with these side vents. 

Toaster Sweater #2 Hemline

I used a double needle to stitch around the hem. Pivoting with the double needle takes focus. I found that those corners look best if I pivoted in 2-3 stitches. The inner needle goes up and down in one spot and the outer needle swinging around the 45-degree turn over 3 stitch lengths. 

Toaster Sweater #2 from behind

Jaime’s Forest Terry Toaster

Our recent shipment of new hemp knits had me itching to sew. First up - another Toaster Sweater. We can't get enough of this cute and casual top by Sew House Seven. I had already made Version 1 and I was excited to sew up Version 2 - especially after seeing Amber's.

Jaime's Toaster Sweater #2

Pattern: Toaster Sweater (Version 2), by Sew House Seven
Fabric: 1-5/8 yards Hemp French Terry Forest
Size Made: Small
Modifications: Shortened sleeves by 2"

Jaime's Toaster Sweater #2 Neckline

I chose to use the same gorgeous hemp/organic cotton French terry that Amber used in Forest green. Dream-town.

Toaster Sweater #2's Uneven Split Hemline

This shirt comes together so quickly. The uneven split hem finish is so easy and looks amazing! Even though it is such an efficient technique, it made me feel very accomplished finishing the mitered corner hem. The funnel neck is finished with a self-facing -another smart trick of this pattern. You'll want to make one of us on this one.

Jaime's Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater in Hemp French Terry

Amber's Grey Heather Toaster

After I made my first Toaster, I immediately cut out another! This heather grey top is made in a lighter, more drapey jersey, which makes it feel more like a cozy tee than a sweatshirt.

Amber's Toaster Sweater 2 out of Bamboo Jersey

Pattern: Toaster Sweater (Version 2), by Sew House Seven
Fabric: 1-5/8 yards Bamboo Jersey Heather Grey
Size made: Small at bust and Medium at waist
Modifications: shortened sleeve 4"

Toaster Sweater #2 by Sew House Seven

I also decided to grade from a size small at the shoulder and bust, and then trace from the small at the underarm to the medium at the hip. This made it just slightly more fitted in the shoulders.

Amber's Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #2

The Toaster Sweater works great in this lighter fabric! This easy to wear top will get lots of rotation in my wardrobe.

Amber's Breezy Bamboo Toaster Sweater #2

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  • Feb 17, 2017

    Your Toasters look amazing! I so love the hemp french terry. Thanks for the love!

    — Peggy Mead

  • Feb 17, 2017

    Love your three tops! I’m wondering if you have any suggestions about how to avoid that bunching up around the neck front? Cut the neckline lower? Come kind of neckline dart? What do you think?

    — Sherry Keller

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