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Tiffani's Audrey Gazelle

I decided to try my hand at crochet when I learned I was expecting another baby. I’ve always been a sewist. I’ve knit a few things like hats and shawls, but I’ve never been a fast knitter. I guessed crochet might take a little less time.
Tiffani's crocheted amigarumi Audrey Gazelle
Pattern: Audrey Gazelle from Animal Friends of Pica Pau
Yarn: Quince & Co. Worsted Weight, Lark

I’ve always wanted to learn to make adorable amigurumi toys. When the Animal Friends of Pica Pau book arrived in the shop, I obsessively scanned the pages, dreaming of the day I’d be able to create one of the adorable characters. The yarn challenge was the perfect motivation I needed, and I purchased the book, the hook and the yarn that I needed to make Audrey Gazelle.
Audrey Gazelle close up crocheted amigurumiI wanted a nice sturdy yarn that was good quality, soft and wouldn't break the bank, so I went with Quince & Co.’s Worsted Weight, Lark. This line has so many good colors to choose from, which made it easy to find what I needed for this sweet gazelle.

Amigarumi book Pica PauThe instructions in the book were extremely thorough and detailed, especially for beginners. And if I found myself confused, I had great tips from my coworkers and from YouTube to help me through it. I was so happy with how quickly it came together and surprised with how much fun I had making it. My oldest daughter has put in her request for an amigurumi frog, and the Pica Pau book has the perfect little guy for her. I’m excited to have learned a new skill that is not only fun but will put adorable little toys in my girls' arms for many years to come.

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