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Summer of Basics Update: Amber's Muscle Tank

My first wardrobe essential in my Summer of Basics lineup is complete! I decided to start off easy-peasy, with a basic white muscle tank. 

Amber's Cotton Slub Adventure Tank

This cotton slub jersey is a medium weight, and pretty stable, so it gives a crisp shape to the slightly boxy muscle version of the Adventure Tank. 

Amber's Summer of Basics 2017- Cotton Slub Muscle Tee

For this structured knit, I decided to make a few tweaks to the pattern. The original hem of the Adventure Tank has a slight curve up at the hip, so it's just a bit lower in the front and the back. I decided to straighten the hem of my muscle tank, giving it a more boxy shape at the hem. To do this I extended the side seam about 1 1/4", and drew the new hem starting there at a 90-degree angle from the side seam, with a smooth curve to meet up with the original hem at the center for front and back. 

Neckband and Armbands on Amber's Muscle Tee

At the neck and arm bands, I made one other slight alteration to the pattern. I cut these pieces a more narrow at 2" wide. I think this gives the muscle tank a slightly less sporty look. 

Fancy Tiger Crafts Adventure Tank Muscle Tee

I finished my tank with gold stitching, inspired by classic denim topstitching thread. I'm looking forward to wearing this tank all summer!

Back of Amber's modified Adventure Tank

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