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Rory Gilmore Scarf

For any of you that are Gilmore Girls fans, this scarf may look familiar to you. It's the scarf that Rory wears in the new revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life! The amazing Lisa Lucia designed and knit the scarf for Alexis Bledel to wear during filming and then released the pattern for superfan-knitters across the globe to drool over. Once I knew there was a pattern for this cute and cozy scarf, it became my duty as a long time GG fan to make it.

Dots & Dashes Scarf in Hikoo Kenzie

Pattern: Dots & Dashes by Lisa Lucia
Materials: Hikoo Kenzi in Malbec and Glacier, 2 skeins each
Modifications: I made it one repeat shorter than the pattern called for

Kaylee's Rory Gilmore Scarf

I love this scarf in Hikoo's Kenzie. It was my first time working with this yarn, and I highly recommend it. It is a drapey blend of Merino, Angora, and Alpaca plus a bit of Nylon for durability and contrasting Silk Noil tweeds. Kenzie kind of flew under my radar for a long time, but it seemed like a really good fit for this project so I bought a few skeins to give it a try. Now that I have used it I know it will become a go-to for future projects. It feels so luxurious and I know it will be long lasting.

Dots & Dashes Scarf

This scarf was full of firsts for me. When I purchased the pattern I didn't really even know what double knitting was, so I definitely hadn't tried it before. I quickly learned though and am a better knitter for it! The pattern actually came with in depth instructions on the technique and I didn't even have to look up a how-to video! It is easy to accomplish, if not a bit slow going. Once I figured out the best way to hold my yarn, things sped up a bit though. In the end, you have an incredibly squishy, reversible fabric. Completely worth the extra effort.

Detail of Kaylee's Dots and Dashes Scarf

Another first for me was the two color braided knit cast on that Lisa has you use. It too was simple and included excellent instructions!

Alexis Bledel in her Dot's and Dashes Scarf

This was certainly not the fastest scarf I have ever made but it turned out beautiful and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Plus, it is a must have for any Gilmore Girls fan! I would never dare a "who wore it better" (duh), but here is Alexis Bledel in all her scarf draped glory.

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  • Jan 25, 2017

    Wow, your first double knit, and look how gorgeous it is! Well done!

    I’m enamored with the Paris Geller scarf. Maybe I’ll work that one into the project queue.

    — liz n.

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