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Pomme De Pin in the Pines

I've been in an on-again-off-again relationship with this stunning pattern from Amy Christoffers since July. I'm so happy to be finally wrapped up in Pomme De Pin's cozy pinecone lace!

pattern: Pomme de Pin by Amy Chrostoffers
yarn: 5 skeins Malabrigo Arroyo in color Glitter
size made: 39" (to fit size 36" bust)
alterations: made buttonholes closer together to add one more buttonhole

I cast on for this pattern during our trip to Estonia this past summer, and then promptly developed a knitting injury in my elbow from all that hardcore Estonian knitting. The only option was to slow down and keep my knitting to a minimum to let my elbow heal. Not knitting was more painful than anything! I'm happy to report that my elbow is doing much better, and finishing this cardigan is a dream come true!

The name Pomme de Pin means "pinecone" in French, which is appropriate (and adorable), since the cardigan is knit entirely in pinecone lace. This very springy, elastic lace pattern forms to your shape without a need for garment shaping details, making the construction of the cardigan pretty straightforward. That, combined with the fact that the lace itself is simple and easy to memorize, makes for a pretty mindless yet entertaining knit.

I was inspired by pinecone-y-ness when choosing my yarn. I've always loved Malabrigo's Glitter colorway--such a beautiful saturated bronzey brown. Perfect!

One of the interesting details of the pattern is the way the front of the cardigan wraps over the shoulders and meets at the back of the neck, adding to the cozy factor.

The Pomme De Pin is the perfect mix of lady-like lace and cozy grampa style. I love it!

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