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Our Casual Summer Tee Knit-Along Round Up Is Here!

This is an image of a woman in a maroon sweater looking at a woman in an orange sweater standing in front of a wooden picket fence.


It seems like it was just May 1 and everyone was making plans to join Jaime and Amber on their quest to knit the perfectly beautiful casual summer tee. What makes it so casual, one might ask? Well, the rules to this knit along were that you could choose your own knitting adventure. Though we offered some pattern suggestions, participants were encouraged to select whatever they wanted as long as they used a yarn that contained some linen, cotton, tencel, rayon, or silk. 


Boy did you knitters deliver! Just look at the beautiful submissions. 

This is a grid of images. These images show women wearing different knitted sweaters that they made.


Some outstanding participants who finished their Casual Summer Tees are (clockwise) @orlinj022018  | @denverknitter@aniliaj | | @kananiknit


Jaime and Amber selected as the winner of the Knit-Along for Best Finished Casual Summer Tee. We love the beautiful silk blend Ankers tee. 

This is an image of a woman wearing a yellow knit sweater tee sitting on a blue sofa outside with a dog next to her


We also asked participants to tag us when sharing their in-progress photos on Instagram for a contest for the Best In-Progress Photo. 

This is a grid of images of knitted shirts in progress.

From left to right, top to bottom: @denverknitter | @marginsofmotherhood | @fancyamber@taracelsus@roadtripsockyarn |  @fancyjaime@misskender@marginsofmotherhood | @theskippedstitch 


Our winner was @aniliaj, who found the time to knit TWO casual tees and wowed us with her various in progress photos. 

This is an image of a knitted project and yarn on the dash of car. You can see the highway out the window.

Both winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Fancy Tiger Crafts. Congratulations!


Stay tuned for separate journal entries from Jaime and Amber as they discuss their own Casual Summer Tee experiences. 

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