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Om Duality

The OM Shawl by Andrea Mowry was in both Kelly and Heather’s Ravelry favorites for a while. It’s just so big and cozy and with winter fast approaching it was finally time for them both to cast-on to cast on!

Kelly and Heather laughing in their Om Shawls

Pattern: Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry
Materials: Quince & Co. Osprey in Iceland, Kittywake, Clay and Honey (available in-store)

Heather sipping a cocktail in her Om shawl

Heather: At the end of September, I was planning for a 2-week cross-country road trip to New England for my cousin’s wedding and at the top of my list (right behind snacks!) was finding the right knitting project to bring along. I wanted something that was super easy to put down and pick back up quickly and that’s when I knew it was time for the OM Shawl!

Kelly sitting at a bar in her Om shawl


Kelly: I’d had my eye on the OM Shawl for a long time too… I’m a big fan of chunky, cozy knits and I was delighted to knit an Andrea Mowry pattern in an Aran weight!

Detail shots of the Om colorwork

Heather: We both knew we wanted to do Osprey by Quince & Co. It would add to the comfort and squish factor of the shawl.

Kelly: Osprey has been a long time favorite of mine, with a fabulous palette and excellent price point. It was a great choice for a large project! (We didn’t purposely choose the same colors, but we share similar tastes so I’m glad Heather didn’t mind me admitting I loved all the same ones she did!)

Heather Beckman ordering drinks in her Om Shawl

Heather: And just like that, a knit-along was born! #WestToEastOMAlong

Kelly and Heather sipping cocktails in their Om shawls

Heather: I started on mine on Day 1 of my trip as soon as the sun had risen and I had enough light to get going! Right away I knew it was the perfect choice - big yarn and big needles meant that I could still catch my surroundings and help with navigation

Heather's In-progress Om Shawl

Kelly: It was definitely a good project for intermittent knitting… entering into the holidays we were both very busy and my knitting time was sporadic. But this was a dependable project to carry around and the colorwork was easy to catch on. For anyone wanting to practice stranded color-work, this is a great project!

Heather's improv ridge texture in her Osprey Om shawl

Heather: Once I got to the big middle portion, I changed up the pattern a bit. Instead of doing the ridges for the whole portion, I did stockinette for a lot of it because I liked the random change in texture it made.

Kelly: I love how Heather got creative with the center section! It looks really interesting and in a way, tells the story of her travels while she “worked” her way across the country!

Colorwork detail shots of Heather Beckman and Kelly Garrison's Om Shawls

Heather: To finish it off, I used these amazing horn buttons what really helped to add to the look I was going for. When it came time for blocking, I realized I had really loosened up my tension on the middle part of the shawl (which we have come to affectionately refer to as “The Shlankets”...shawl + blanket!) and that really increased the finished size. So I will be working on doing some shrinking this month to get some of the loose knitting under control!

Matching Om Shawls with mix and match buttons

Kelly: I chose these lovely natural antler buttons from Fancy Tiger. I’ve had my eye on them for a long time and was grateful to finally have a project worthy of them. I really love how they look against the chunky knit! I also begrudgingly had to face the fact that my color-work tension is always tighter than my single strand tension… But I’m very happy with how this turned out! Now on to my next color-work project to work that tension out!

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  • Feb 07, 2018

    Aw- twinsies!!! Love these! Osprey is so good, and I can see why y’all picked the same colors! I hope they keep you cozy all winter long!

    — Andrea

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