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New Woolfolk Flette

Whenever we get a new yarn in the store, I am always excited to try it out, especially when it is from the beautiful minds of Woolfolk. Flette was just released a few weeks back, and I was eager to cast-on a little project just to test it out. Their new matching hat pattern, Ryg seemed like the perfect place to start.

Kaylee Lockhart in her Navy Flette Ryg hat

Pattern: Ryg from the Woolfolk Flette Collection
Materials: 1 skein of Woolfolk Flette in Navy 11, Size 3 US needles
Modifications: I knit the whole hat with size 3 needles instead of switching to size 5

Woolfolk Flette Texture

Flette, meaning braid, is unlike most yarns I usually work with and unlike most yarns we carry in the store. It has a unique and very distinct texture that creates a beautiful squishy and forgiving fabric. When I was originally learning to knit, this was the style of yarn I learned with. In retrospect, it was not the best choice for a BRAND NEW knitter learning how to knit and purl, but it was fun to revisit it with a bit more experience.

Flette Texture in Twisted Rib

With the distinctive meandering texture of this yarn paired with the buttery soft hand of Woolfolk's luxurious Merino, I wasn’t sure there would be any stitch definition at all. I sort of thought that it would just be a uniform squishy texture all over, but it actually has a surprising amount of overall stitch definition in this simple twisted rib hat. This is definitely not the yarn you want to use for an elaborate cable pattern but if you are looking to take on a stockinette, reverse stockinette or a simple rib pattern that will have a beyond soft hand, this yarn could be just the ticket. 

The squared off top of the Woolfolk Flette Ryg hat

The Ryg hat was also a bit of a new experience for me too. Most (all?) hats I have ever knit before have had much more rounded decreases at the crown. The Ryg, however, has a much more squared of top with no intention of fitting it snugly against your head. It is a simple but unique design feature that creates a completely new style of hat. 

Kaylee's Navy Flette Ryg from the back view

If you are looking to try something different, a Ryg in Flette is definitely a great place to start. Everything about this simple project is unlike most of the things happening in the knitting world today. For me, it pulled me out of my typical knitting habits and gave me fresh eyes. 

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  • Nov 29, 2018

    Great photos!
    I am a fairly new knitter and I’m working on the Ryg in Flette. I LOVE the Flette yarn, and the twisted-rib effect. But now I’m to the decreases and I haven’t worked a decrease like this before (and the pattern doesn’t provide a lot of info). When you did the sl2 (before a purl on row 1 or a knit on row 2) did you slip knit-wise or purl-wise? I have found several videos of sl2-k1-p2sso, and they mostly slip the 2 stitches together knit-wise, but I haven’t found anyone showing what to do if you’re going to purl instead of knit. Thanks!!

    — Christina

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