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Negley's Needlefelted Strawberries

I love getting to work with the Petitfelts needle felting kits. Not only are the instructions clear and easy to follow, the kits come with everything you need to complete whatever project you are working on.  This time around I got to work growing my very own strawberries, without the 3-month wait. With great colors and an ample amount of wool, you’ll be able to create more than the three berries promised on the packaging of the Strawberry Needle Felting Kit. Following the diagrams, you’ll have a whole bowl of strawberries in no time. 

Petitfelts Needle felted Strawberries

My favorite part of the Petitfelts kits has to be their wool, for both color and texture. The wool is lightly dyed and not overly saturated, and it looks like the colors were pulled right out of the garden. Additionally, this wool has some of the best texture and consistency I have used for felting, with a sponge-like density that is easy to felt and shape.

Leftover Wool from Petitfelts kit

The most challenging part of the kit is the small details like when adding the strawberry seeds. Each seed is an individual pinch of orange wool. This process was not only time consuming but was required attention to detail to stay consistent with the size of each seed. However, this little addition made the strawberries much more life-like. I found it helpful to put the seeds in before attaching the leaves after I made my first berry. There are many seeds to be added and I found that I would accidentally bend and stab the leaves I already had in place if I tried adding them after. I found after this simple change I was able to whip up strawberry after strawberry!

Bowl of Strawberries both needle felted and regular

Petitfelts has a whole line of felted animals and succulents that are simple as can be, so fun, and a great jumping off point for people that are new to felting! Check out the whole like of Petitfelt Kits here!

Detail of Petitfelt Strawberry

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