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Negley's Delightful Diplodocus

Wool dinosaur and box

Negley is one of our floor Tigers and our resident needlefelting expert! To see some of Negley's amazing, original creations, check out his Instagram here!

As soon as this Diplodocus kit came in from Hawthorn Handmade, I knew I had to get one made up. This project is perfect for beginners, and has fun, easy-to-follow instructions. Even better, this is a great instant-gratification project to make in a single afternoon. The entire project ended up only taking me about four hours to complete.

Pattern: Diplodocus Mini Felting Kit from Hawthorn Handmade
Materials: Felting needle (2), 4 colors of dyed wool (all included in kit)
Additional Notions: Felting Foam Mat (not included in kit)
Modifications: Added more spots

Spotted blue dinosaur

Obviously, needlefelting can be a challenge without the right tools, and I definitely recommend a good felting mat and several needles to guard against poked fingers. With a relatively simple shape, I had fun getting creative with some artistic touches to my dino, such as adding a few more spots to give them some character.

Spotted wool dinosaur

The hardest part was definitely the long, thin neck. Luckily, the wool that Hawthorne Handmade includes in their kit is easy to felt with and has a sturdy, toothsome finish. It really helped me to more easily stabilize some of the delicate structures.

Wool dinosaur with box

This felted Diplo will be put out on display until my nephew (inevitably) claims it as his own. Maybe I’ll even make some more dino pals to add to the collection!

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