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Mohair Beanie So Soft

We love Loopy Mango’s bold and chunky style, but when we heard they were going to start producing a mohair yarn, usually a very wispy, delicate, decidedly un-chunky product, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. We figured it would be amazing though because of Loopy Mango’s flawless, modern aesthetic, and the resulting Mohair So Soft is nothing short of fluffy mohair perfection. 

Mohair So Soft by Loopy Mango

Pattern: Mohair Beanie by Loopy Mango (FREE with the purchase of Loopy Mango’s Mohair So Soft)
Materials: 1 skein of Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft, US Size 15 Needles 

Mohair Beanie by Loopy Mango

You may have heard (or experienced yourself) that mohair yarn can be a bit of a scratchy affair. That is definitely not the case with this Super Kid Mohair + Extra Fine Merino blended yarn. We all know the fluffy goodness of Extra Fine Merino! Superkid Mohair is made from the thin, soft, extra long fibers from younger Angora Goats. Not to be confused with Angora Rabbits of the same name, Angora Goat fiber produces a similarly fluffy and feathery fabric. 

Feathery Edges of Mohair So Soft

And when we say Loopy Mango likes things chunky, it definitely holds true with this beautiful mohair yarn. This Mohair Beanie is knit with just one skein of yarn and just one strand held at a time! No need to knit your precious mohair with two or three strands held together. You can achieve this full and luxurious (not to mention toasty as an oven) look with just a single strand! 

Mohair So Soft Beanie

Also, did you catch that… JUST A SINGLE SKEIN! Perfect for beginners or as gifts, this one-skein-wonder is as simple as it is stylish. 

Through the end of the year, all orders placed for Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft will receive a free copy of the Loopy Mango Mohair Beanie. Just be sure to leave a little note on your order reminding us to include your free pattern! 

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