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Modern Handcraft Hexi Pillow

This year for Christmas, I asked for one thing from my totally talented, crafty Mom. A pillow (any pillow she wanted to make) to match my new bedding. I should have known when I made such a simple request it would turn into the elaborate and amazing handmade pillow of my dreams. 

Modern Handcraft Hexie Pillow Pattern

Pattern: Hexie Pillow Pattern by Modern Handcraft

Previously my Mom had made me the Elizabeth Hartman Fancy Fox Pillow. It inadvertently matched my bedding perfectly and has been sitting atop my bed for years. When it was time to change out my tired and ripped duvet I was sad to say goodbye to my fox friend that no longer matched. Christmas came around and I knew exactly what I wanted….a replacement pillow!

Modern Handcraft English Paper Piecing

I have always admired Nicole’s amazing hexie patterns. I have dreamed of making something with this unique and modern hexie technique, but it’s not the kind of sewing I really enjoy doing. When I opened up my pillow and saw the design my Mom had chosen, I was overjoyed! It is beautiful, intricate quilting that I love but would never complete on my own and looks perfect on my new bed. 


I helped my mom pick out a few of the colors for the pillow top so that she knew it would match, but mostly she picked all the fabrics herself. With a whopping 30 fabrics, she definitely had her work cut out for her. She did an amazing job though. It is truly the modern, minimal pillow of I had been dreaming of. 

Most important of all? The pillow is pupper approved!

Pedro and the Modern Handcraft Hexie Pillow

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