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Miranda's Toftopus

I have made many octopus friends. Knitted, sewn, sock monkey style... but crochet is definitely the medium most suited for this sea creature. The radial symmetry of the octopus lends itself perfectly to crocheting in rounds. Thanks to Toft UK and their excellent kit, I can't stop looking at my stash to see what else could become an octopus!

Toft Octopus Crochet Kit

Materials: Toft UK Mini Orla the Octopus Crochet Kit
Kit contains: 25g of DK Yarn in 'Pink' plus a bit of black yarn for the eyes (100% Wool), Polyester stuffing, 3mm crochet hook, Darning Needle, Easy-to-follow crochet pattern

Toft Octopus Kit contents

Toft UK's Orla the Octopus kit was such a dream to work! From the top of her head, you crochet her body, then the body's last round creates her wiggly legs!  Each leg is formed by crocheting a long chain, then a series of increasingly tall stitches widen the legs from the bottom up. Everything is perfectly portioned - at no point did I feel like I was going to run out of anything I needed.

Toft Octopus Tentacles

I wouldn't call myself an expert with a hook. I'm more of an adventurous beginner. Once I figured out that the stitches needed to be dense so you couldn't see the stuffing (a real DUH moment for me), everything made sense.  

Toft Octopus Kit

Her eyes have so much personality! Her tentacles have so many wiggles in them! How can you resist her cephalopodian charms?

Toft Kits

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