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Miranda's Hanging Felted Sloth Friend

You may have seen the adorable Lunenburg Makery Felt Cactus we posted about a while back. Well, we loved those kits so much we had to add to our supply of fun, simple Lunenburg kits we have to offer. Presenting, the Hanging Sloth Needlefelting Kit!

The Lunenburg Makery Needlefelted Sloth

The kit includes lots and lots of natural wool, 3 coarse felting needles, wires and beads, and lots of instructions! There is a very helpful sheet with a ruler printed on it and a full-scale illustration of the sloth itself.

The Lunenburg Makery Needlefelted Sloth Kit

There are some tricky things the novice needle felter may not have experienced, like felting close to wires and adding flat pieces of felt fabric, but the instructions are so clear that anyone can succeed in making a sloth of their very own. Just in case, Lunenburg Makery provides three needles for if you break one in the learning process. The directions for the furry arms are particularly helpful. You build up roving around a wire, then felt close to that, then you work on making the limbs all shaggy. Toes come in next, then repeat for legs! The whole thing took between three and four hours, with half of that being arms and legs.  

I really loved the use of beads for eyes. I do this too when making needle felted creatures because it's just so much easier to get them right with beads than with little bits of wool.  The Lunenburg Makery and I are on the same wavelength about this for sure!

Needle felted Sloth

This kit inspired me to play with armatures and wires. Maybe I'll try sculpting a beast with pipe cleaners and see what takes shape!

Needle Felted Sloth hanging in a bush

Make a sloth friend for your friend! 

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  • Nov 25, 2017

    Hey there I was curious we were just in your store (…I love it so much) and bought more felting wool because we are teaching mindfulness and fiber arts for a high school enrichment class with DPS and the kids loved felting onto clothing and want to make animals. For the eyes and I guess in case, I should ask about arms too what types and beads and wire do you suggest if you have several kids making them so we may need to buy a larger quantity?

    I have mostly made the kits from Fancy Tiger so this is a first!

    Thanks for any direction.

    — Amy Leiter

  • May 10, 2017

    This is so adorable! I haven’t gotten into needlefelting yet, but this makes me want to learn.

    — Katelyn S. Bolds

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