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Marta's Wedding Constellation Quilt

 This summer one of my very dearest and oldest friends got married. I wanted to give the newlyweds something special and handmade to commemorate such an occasion, so I decided to make them a Constellation Block Quilt. This was my first quilt! It’s a little wonky, but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Marta's constellation quilt
Patterns made: Taurus and Scorpio constellation blocks
Materials: Cloud Nine Cirrus solid, midnight
Roma hanky linen black/gold, Roma hanky linen oatmeal/gold, Kotton World cotton gauze on Ochre

I’ve always loved the constellation quilt blocks, and so I decided to use these for the wedding quilt. On first reading through the pattern, I was intimidated by the number of steps. So many small and precise cuts not only to be made, but also to be kept track of.

When I actually got down to work, after taking a few deep breaths and reminding myself to take things “one step at a time...”, I found the instructions to be thorough and comforting. Completing the steps took no time, and soon I had my very first quilt blocks! (Shout out to my friend and coworker Leila for offering her help and holding my hand through this whole process).

Back view of marta's constellation quilt

The rest of the quilt came together easily. I pieced, admittedly haphazardly, the rest of the front out of the same midnight cotton that I used in the constellations themselves. I wanted the stars to really stand out.

And once the top was done, Shawna of was kind enough to quilt it for me! Shawna is really such an amazing quilter, and I am so lucky to reap the benefits of her talents and to call her my friend.

Now all that is left is to gift this beauty, a collaborative work of love, to another one. Congratulations Olivia and Keegan!

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