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Marta's Drapey Deschain

This pattern was released in my first summer here at Fancy Tiger, and I fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately I didn’t feel capable of knitting an ENTIRE sweater at the time, let alone one with a lace panel, despite my fellow tigers assuring me that I could definitely complete it, especially with their help if I needed it. I hadn’t yet realized though that knitting a sweater is just a lot more knitting than, say, knitting a sock. But I know that now, and knitting a sock (or a pair of socks) is certainly more complex than knitting this sweater. Full shot of Marta's deschain sweaterPattern: Deschain Sweater by Leila Raabe
Size made: 3 
Materials used: Wool and the Gang Tina (tencel) Tape, eagle grey
Modifications: noneMarta's Lacey Handknit SweaterI love how the easy, loose fit and the cropped length of the Deschain makes it so versatile! It’s a great layer over a dress or paired with a skirt or high-waisted jeans, and it has been an especially welcome layer in this cool spring that we’ve been having in Denver. The shale (lace) panel makes it feel special enough to dress up for an evening out, or to turn an otherwise boring outfit into a fun one! close up of marta's handknit deschain sweater
I chose to use Tina Tape by Wool and the Gang, instead of Kestrel (Quince & Co.) as the pattern suggests, because I love the drape of the tencel ,and this steely bluey grey is one of my very favorite colors. It’s especially squishable once knit up. 
full shot of marta's deschain handknit sweater
If I were to knit it again, I might make the back piece just a little longer, it’s a little bit awkwardly short if I don’t make sure to tug it down, but otherwise this sweater is a perfect dream and I basically wear it everyday.

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