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Marta's Marvelous Papao Pants

Woman in sweater and pants

Marta is a long-time employee of Fancy Tiger Crafts and has a particular talent for matching colors and fabrics in large projects. Check out her Instagram for more of her work!

I've been on a mission to try out new pant silhouettes for the last year or so, because I'm tired of skinny jeans but love the ease of wearing pants (as opposed to dresses and layers), especially in the winter months. Having more fun, fresh pant silhouettes in my wardrobe has definitely brought me so much joy! Sourcing patterns that accommodate my size range, however, not such a joy--though it is slowly getting easier and better as indie pattern companies continue to release extended size ranges in response to requests from the sewing community.

Pattern: Papao Wrap Pants by Ready to Sew
Size Made: 53
Fabric: Raw Silk Noil in Deep Olive
Modifications: None

Woman in green pants

Ready to Sew is new to me and this is the first pattern of theirs that I have tried. I do have my eye on a few more patterns now that I have made my Papao Pants and fallen head over heels in love with them. The Instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, especially if you've made pants before. You just need to have a little sewing faith that things will work out! The wrap and waist ties were a bit mind boggling at first, but I love how they turned out, and the pocket is absolutely magical.

Woman with hand in pocket

I wanted these pants to be versatile and still warm enough for winter, so I chose to use our Raw Silk Noil to whip them up. If you're not familiar with raw silk noil, it's a nubby, almost flannel-like fabric with beautiful drape that is made from the short silk fibers left over from combing and spinning the longer fibers we more typically associate with smooth, luxurious silk. I couldn't be happier with how easy it was to sew with, or with the finished result! They are so very soft and warm, and do not need to be pressed even a little bit!

Woman with had in pocket

These pants are serving me a bit of vintage army uniform realness when worn with boots, while still feeling modern and a touch feminine with the waist tie, and I am LIVING FOR IT. If I could get away with wearing them every day, I would! I should probably start working on a linen pair for the summer...

Woman in wrap pants

Comments on this post (3)

  • Feb 23, 2021

    Wow! Now I want this pattern AND some raw silk noil. Great make!

    — Rachel

  • Feb 23, 2021

    Perfect color and fabric! I have some raw silk noil but was thinking it would be a summer fabric? I’ll have to make it up into some pants or a winter dress stat then!

    — Linda (ACraftyScrivener)

  • Feb 23, 2021

    Going to their site now. What a great pant, fabric choice, and look on you. Thanks for the inspiration.

    — Wynne

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