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Marta's Appleton Dress

One of the things we love about independent pattern companies is their ability to create with a very specific goal and customer in mind. We recently started carrying a few of the lovely Casmerette patterns which are modern, flattering patterns designed in sizes 12-28 made for curvier women. Marta made this beautiful Appleton Dress out of powder blue cotton hemp jersey which is great for spring (with a sweater) or the hot summer months.

Cashmerette Appleton Dress

Pattern: Cashmerette Appleton
Materials: 2 5/8 yards Pickering Hemp Jersey in powder blue
Size made: 16, bust size EF 
Modifications: removed neckband

Marta's Dusty Blue Appleton Dress

I was a little nervous going into this project because I haven't made anything from a printed pattern in a while. Mostly I end up cobbling Franken-patterns together from wardrobe favorites in order to make Franken-garments.

Serged edge Cotton Hemp Jersey

I decided to surge the entire thing since it's made from jersey- including the hems (in black) to give it a more casual deconstructed feel- and I'm super happy with the results!

 Marta's Powder Blue Cashmerette Appleton Dress

The pattern is basically 3 pieces (without the neckband) and came together really quickly and beautifully in the hemp jersey- which was also a dream to work with! None of the usual jersey rolling or shifting. The pattern instructions were well written and easy to follow with many diagrams. Besides misreading the pattern and accidentally making my ties too short the first time around I had zero problems making this- hooray! Making your own clothes feels like magic! Especially when you're in love with the finished piece, and I am. 

Appleton Dress with a Cardigan

I can't wait to wear this dress all summer long. I imagine it will be really great to throw on over my swimsuit with some cute sandals, or to a BBQ, and I think it will also be a great transition piece for the fall with a pair of boots and a cardigan.  


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  • Mar 19, 2017

    LOVE the black serged trim, and that blue is gorgeous on you!

    (Also got a chuckle out of “Frankenpatterns.” Don’t we all end up tweaking, shifting, substituting bits and pieces of one pattern to another now and then? LOL)

    — liz n.

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