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Marta Rocks Her Free Range Pants With Our Anniversary Tank

This is an image of a woman wearing a gray tank top and black pants standing in front of a blue brick wall with large white doors.

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Pattern Name and Designer: Free Range Slacks, Sew House Seven, Version 1
Size Made: 18 waist graded to 22 hip
Materials used: Camp Cotton, Navy and 2" Elastic
Modifications: 1" to front rise for better fit (round pubis adjustment)


My pants sewing obsession continues, and this time I made the Free Range Slacks from Sew House Seven. This pattern caught my eye when it arrived in store in 2019(!), but I was a little hesitant to try it out because I was at the very tippy top of their size range and I wasn't sure that I was interested in trying to grade up on my own. So I was pretty excited when we received the new "CURVY FIT" (size 18-34) earlier this summer.

This is an up close image of a woman from the side wearing black pants and her hand is in her back pocket.

Serendipitously, we also received our new Camp Cotton around the same time, and this is what I chose to make my first pair of Free Range Slacks. I say first pair because I imagine I will probably make a few more- at least one more in the wide leg style (version 2).

The pattern itself is beautifully drafted. I was able to easily grade from my size 18 waist to 22 hip, and chose to add 1 inch to the front rise right off the bat, thanks to the handy "Common Pant Fitting Issues and Solutions" diagrams on page 8 of the instruction booklet. There are several great blog posts online, like this one ( from Closet Core Patterns, that will also walk you through this adjustment, but I've never seen it printed in the instruction booklet, and found it just so helpful and convenient!

This is an up close image of a woman from the waist down wearing black pants and her hands are in her pockets


Honestly, the Camp Cotton was a little heftier to work with than I imagined it would be, but because of that I anticipate these pants being more durable and maybe almost developing a sort of patina the way a good pair of jeans do. I made these pants with summer temps in mind, but honestly I think they may be better suited to fall and winter here in Denver. That said, I think that as the name suggests, Camp Cotton would be a great choice for shorts and pants and garments intended for hiking, camping, and outdoor use.

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