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Lucy's Linen Denim Emerson Shorts

I had success with my full-length Emerson pants in March and was so pleased to find myself with momentum to make more pants. I had ended up with end-of-bolt extra fabric when purchasing for the pants, so I knew there was at least a 1/4 yard extra. It was pretty surprising to find that I had much more than that after the pants were cut, but I was happy to know I could probably get another garment out of it, namely a lovely pair of Emerson shorts. 

Cotton Linen Denim Emerson Shorts sewing project

Pattern: Emerson Pant by True Bias 
Fabric: Cotton/Linen Denim 

I’m the type of sewist to lay the pattern piece placement in the most efficient way possible for the grainline and print, and not necessarily the suggested way. I often end up with more leftover fabric than usual for many patterns. Also, I live in a mid-sized body, so that’s a thin-privilege thing for me having leftover fabric.

Handmade Emerson Shorts by True Bias in Denim FabricStill, in the time following this, I’ve heard other (not all) sewists say that they too had more fabric leftover than usual. For whatever reason that is, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may even result in an extra garment if you’ve already bought a some extra to begin with!
Lucy's Linen Denim Emerson Shorts Sewing Pattern
I loved the deep indigo color of my pants, which were made with what’s considered the “right side” of the fabric, the dark indigo side. I wanted to use the other, lighter side of the fabric this time. It has a silvery sheen and a chevron/herringbone-ish weave. It was nice having a non-matching option for a different pair. I’m so grateful I got these made in time for the July heat.

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