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Lost and Found: The Tale of Kaylee's Arrow Circle Scarf

I am head over heels in love with the Hilary Grant book Knitting from The North and have been ever since it arrived at Fancy Tiger about a year ago. I am smitten with almost every pattern in the book and have even contemplated my needs for a colorwork faux turtleneck because of this incredible collection. Needless to say, I purchased the book immediately and got to work on my first project, the stunning Arrow Circle Scarf.

Kaylee in her deep green and white colorwork Arrow Circle Scarf from Knitting from the North

Pattern: Arrow Circle Scarf from Knitting from the North
Materials: Knerd String Fingering - 2 skeins in MASH, 1 skein in 1 Shade of 50
Modifications: Knit in the round instead of flat, kitchener stitched together in the round

Detail of the colorwork arrows on Kaylee's Arrow Circle Scarf

This is definitely a time-consuming project in all its methodical, colorwork glory. It is also a very satisfying knit partially because the repeat comes in nice bite-sized pieces and partially because it is so easy to mark your progress. The pattern is incredibly simple to remember and by the end, you can do it in your sleep. It was a joy to knit and I finished it just in time for the warm summer months. I slipped my scarf away, just hoping and waiting for a time when the weather would get cold. 

Kaylee in her Arrow Circle Scarf wrapped two times

However, we did a bit of remodeling this summer and when I went to pull it out and show it off to an interested friend…..I couldn’t find it!!! I ransacked the house, my car, Fancy Tiger, everywhere I could think of and it was nowhere to be found. After a few months of looking, I figured it was gone forever, cried a single yarn tear, and put away my Knitting from the North book so the bitter reminder of warmer times wouldn’t stare me in the face (too dramatic?). Two weeks ago the yarn gods sent me an unexpected gift! My scarf had fallen behind a shelf in a seldom-used closet that I happened to look behind. I found it just in time for the first really cold weather this winter and I have worn it almost every day since.

Kaylee happily reunited with her Knitting from the North Arrow Circle Scarf

Anyway, sometimes things return to you just when you need them. Now that I have my beloved scarf back, I am ready to start another Knitting from the North project. This time I think I will be less ambitious and take on a smaller project. Possibly a Barley Hat like the one my dear friend Laura made. Wishing you happy knitting and hand knits you can always find.

Hand holding a Knerd String Speckle Set

Thinking about knitting an Arrow Circle Scarf? Check out our brand new Knerd String Speckle Sets. Two skeins of perfectly paired Knerd String Fingering that works great for a single wrap scarf or pair with an additional skein of solid yarn for a cozy double wrap scarf.

Comments on this post (3)

  • Jan 22, 2018

    It could definitely work either way, but would probably be most striking with the solid as the main and speckles as the contrast. Can’t wait to see the colors you pick!


    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Jan 19, 2018

    Do you recommend using the solid color as the main color and the speckled as the contrast color (the arrows)? I suppose either way would work, but I was wondering what you thought.

    — Alicia

  • Jan 14, 2018

    I love when knits come back to you- thank goodness!
    I also love that the pattern matches the pattern on the inside of the coat you’re wearing. A goergeous detail. :)

    — Duni

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