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Lizz's Lansbury Cowl

As soon as the new Woolfolk Tov came out, I knew that I needed to knit something out of it. I have a sweater out of Far and Tynd, and they're so soft and cozy that an accessory was the perfect ... well ... accessory.

Lansbury Cowl by Shannon Cook

Pattern: Lansbury Cowl by Shannon Cook
Materials: 1 skein Woolfolk Tov in Teal Blue 

So I filed it away in my mental yarn stash, and when I came across Very Shannon's charmingly named Lansbury cowl, I knew it was a great match. The deep colorway of the blue-green plus the simple twisty slipped-stitch cables of the cowl went perfectly together, and the softness of the Tov was enough that I could wear it against my neck all day and not feel itchy (I'm notoriously sensitive skinned).

Woolfolk Tov textured cables

I was a little worried about having enough yardage in one skein to knit the whole cowl, so I used a knitted cast on to save as many yards as possible. I used the needle size suggested in the pattern, and was able to do all the repeats as written and bound off with a nerve-wracking two yards to spare ... but I did it! One skein of this beautiful yarn was enough to make exactly one cowl. It knit up quick - about seven hours over three-ish days - and it's great for taking the chill off the spring mornings.

Lizz's Cozy Lansbury Cowl by Very Shannon

This is a simple enough beginner project that you could easily make one, even if you've never tried cables before. I'm teaching a two-part class for this project that begins on Saturday April 1st, where we'll cover all the techniques involved and talk about some other fun construction techniques for simple accessories.

So Very Shannon's Lansbury Cowl in Woolfolk Tov

I love the story about why she named it Lansbury. It is a tribute to when Shannon Cook used to sit and watch reruns of Murder She Wrote and knit with her grandmother. The cables are an homage to the twists and turns of the show. I love the simplicity of the pattern. I love the yarn. You can also do this project with a skein of super-pricey luxury something-or-other, love love love.


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