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Lizz's Inglis Mitts

I have to start by admitting the truth: I have a full-blown knitter girl crush on Ysolda Teague. I love everything that I make that's designed by her, and I often end up picking up a pattern and cooing over it before even realizing it's another one of her designs. She's charming, classic, tasteful and writes a darned good pattern. What else can I say?

Pattern: Inglis Mitts by Yoslda Teague
Materials: 2 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Arbor in Degas
Modifications: None

Lizz's Inglis Mitts - Cable Detail

The Inglis Mitts are another in a long (and still growing) line. I whipped them out in about two weeks, but was working on a pair of socks at the same time, so they probably only took about 10 hours for the pair. The cables are simple once you realize the construction of them, and the chart is clear and easy to understand. Not so simple as to be memorized, but not so finicky that I couldn't want TV while I worked on them. I will be teaching a class this winter that will help guide you through the chart and through fancy cables - much easier than they appear!

Lizz in her Yoslda Teague Inglis Mitts

The pattern is written to use her own yarn and since that wasn't readily available to me, I decided to try the new Brooklyn Tweed yarn, Arbor, in the Degas colorway. It took two skeins (with plenty of leftover), and the yarn was great to work with and gave exactly the stitch definition one wants with cables like this.

Folded back mitt

The length of these gloves are perfect. I love how the hand portion is long enough to cover most of my fingers, but sits comfortably out of the way when folded in half. I'm a big fan of fingerless mitts around here because of the different types of weather we can experience in a day, and I'm not a big fan of coats. I love that these are long and cute, fancy without being fussy.

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