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Lauren Braves the Sweater Curse

Since Michael and I got married this year, I assumed the Sweater Curse was broken (it’s totally real) and decided to knit him one for Christmas. This proved to be tricky since I couldn’t work on it when he was home and I also had to use random sweaters he already had to compare measurements. I had to force myself to quit stressing over the “perfect” size and get to work!

Rift Sweater in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Pattern: Rift by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed
Size: 43 1/4”
Materials: 11 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Soot
Modifications: Added 1” to sleeves, added 3” to the length of the body, and used an I-Cord bind off around the neck

 Rift Sweater Shoulder Detail

I have mentioned before on the blog my deep, undying love for Brooklyn Tweed and I knew I wanted to force that love on Michael too. The yarn adds so much structure and detail to the shoulder and side seam pattern. The tweedy texture is amazing and the wool is so warm during these cold, Colorado winters! This sweater works up surprisingly  fast and the simple details keep you engaged during a decent amount of stockinette.

Rift Sweater in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter from behind

The 43 1/4” size seemed the best since he would probably be wearing it as a pullover and the pattern calls for around 4” of positive ease. I lengthened the body and sleeves after seeing many reviews on Ravelry saying it leaned a little on the short side. The end result fit perfectly and I’m really glad I decided to get the extra skein of yarn for this purpose.

I-Cord bound off neckline

The pattern calls for a simpler neckline of stockinette stitch and then allowing the edge to roll over. An I-cord bind off looks a little more finished to me so I knit three rows according to the pattern and just bound off with an I-cord. There is a great tutorial on how to do an invisible seam I-cord here.

Michael makes the "Fancy Tiger Face" in his new Brooklyn Tweed Sweater

I really love the classic look of this sweater and I had kept it logged in the back of my brain for the day I would make something for Michael. The textured shoulders add a subtle detail that sets it apart without being too much. I was so pleased with it (and relieved that it fit!) and I think Michael was too...I mean look at that face! However, I think he was more impressed that I managed to make an entire sweater without getting caught!

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