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Kiriki Embroidered Friends

We have carried the Kiriki Embroidery kits at Fancy Tiger for a while now, but Kiriki is always adding fun new animals to their lineup that we just can't resist. Some of our newest additions include a wolf and a beaver! Tigress Jenn recently completed the Kiriki Fiesta Cat Kit and the results cute for themselves 😉 Here is Jenn to tell us a little bit about her embroidery adventure:

Kiriki Embroidered Animal Kits

These cute little Kiriki embroidery kits come with the printed fabric, more than enough embroidery thread, and a set of clear directions. While the kits come with almost everything you need, you'll need to have a 6" hoop, an embroidery needle, and thread clippers handy too.

Kiriki Embroidered Fiesta Cat

The project took me about 5-6 hours total to complete and taught me some new skills.  The triangles on the Fiesta Cat use a neat stitch pattern I hadn't yet tried and I chose to use various satin stitch patterns on the green and pink rows across the middle. Overall, the project was really straight forward and easy to complete.  I think my kitty came out a little less than perfect since I am still new to embroidery, but it's still pretty darn cute! 

Kiriki Embroidered Fiesta Cat

I've got a whole box of embroidery projects up next, I'm not sure whether I'll do the Sea Captain's wife from Cozy Blue or the Miniature Rhino Orion kit, but I'm excited to get started! 

Tiny Kiriki Embroidered Animals

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