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Kelly's Sleepy Bear in Luft

When Woolfolk released one of its newest yarns, Luft, I couldn’t even wait day without snagging a couple of skeins in navy even though I had no project in mind for the yarn. The feel of Luft is amazing and airy even though it is an aran/bulky weight yarn. It is made from a cotton tube that encases the merino wool, allowing its fibers to create a halo around the yarn. I imagined something for my newest nephew and waited until the right project came along for me to showcase Luft.

Squirrel Picnic Crochet Bear

Pattern: Sleepy Bear Crochet Pattern by Squirrel Picnic (Free Pattern)
Materials: About 2.5 skeins of Woolfolk Luft in Navy L5, 4.5MM crochet hook, cotton stuffing, yarn scraps for face, darning needle
Size Made: One size
Modifications: Went down a hook size for tighter single crochet stitches

Sleepy Bear in Woolfolk Luft

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The internet is awash with adorable, fun and creative stuffed animals and characters, so when I came across Squirrel Picnic online, I was charmed by her many patterns of woodland creatures. Once I saw the Sleepy Bear Crochet Pattern, I knew my Luft had found its project. I have crocheted other amigurumi animals in the past, but this was my first time attempting a larger bear. I was intrigued by the way the pattern was written: crocheting the head and body together. Without having to worry about attaching a wobbly head to the body, the bear comes out sitting up perfectly straight and stable. The arms and legs are also closed up before seaming onto the bear, allowing any kind of placement you like on the body of the bear. I followed the instructions in the pattern for placement, but it also includes tips on how/where to stitch the arms and legs for different looks.

Crocheted Sleepy Bear

When figuring out which crochet hook to use, I saw the pattern suggested a 4.0mm hook for worsted weight yarn and so I grabbed my 4.5mm hook to make up for the bulkier Luft and began crocheting. I was happy with how the stitches were tight but still gave the yarn fluff and ease with each additional row. Playing around with gauge is fun and relaxed with this project because while the pattern as written will make a 10” bear, any yarn/hook can be used to make Sleepy Bear a different size. Counting is important with this project and there were times where I didn’t realize I had missed my counts because crocheting with Luft is so easy and stress-free (no splitting of the yarn!) Luckily the stitches are simple to count and I was always able to find my way back, so if you find yourself crocheting along and then suddenly lost, you can still find the beginning of the previous row and get back on count.

Woolfolk Luft detail

I am so pleased with how Sleepy Bear turned out and cannot wait to gift him to my nephew. Squirrel Picnic’s innovated and uncomplicated way of crocheting the bear has gotten me excited to create a whole bunch of bears to join Sleepy Bear’s crew.

Sleepy Bear in Woolfolk Luft Navy


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