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Kelly's Linen Strathcona Shawl

Summertime can be tough for knitters.... Despite the longer days, the inspiration to knit can be hindered by the heat and the heaviness of traditional wool knits. Thank goodness for the modern linen, hemp, and cotton yarns that are available to satisfy your knitting needs on even the warmest summer days!

Pattern: Strathcona shawl from Jane Richmond's Island
Yarn: 2 skeins of Quince and Co. Sparrow in Fundi (available in store)
Modifications: None

I'm a sucker for knitted accessories, and am so pleased to find that shawls aren't just for cold weather! The Strathcona is an ideal summer knitting project. Knitted up Sparrow, Quince and Co's organic linen fingering yarn, it is wispy and light with a gorgeous sheen and stability that creates a surprisingly durable fabric. The pattern is knit on the bias, and is easy to memorize after only a few rows.

I've created many "diagonal" knits in the past, but was excited to experiment with this new technique of shifting directions halfway through the knitting. This created a soft V shape in the middle of the shawl which paired beautifully with the natural drape of the linen. The sloped garter stitch ends mirror the directional lace, and add a really nice weighted edge without feeling heavy.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the Strathcona is its portability--this project traveled effortlessly with me through airports and coffee shops, even to the dog park. This linen yarn is truly light as air, and made for delightful afternoon knitting while cooling off with a iced drink.

With the vast array of summer yarns now available, there is no need to put away your needles as the temperature rises! Enjoy the fresh option of stitching up something crisp and cool to sail through summer!


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