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Keli's Bouquet-tiful Long Sleeve Hosta

Keli is constantly impressing us with her super-speedy knitting. Often at our craft night she's just whipped up a new sweater in just couple weeks—always in the best color palettes. 

Keli wearing a Hosta sweatshirt, made in a drapey floral jersey. She is outside in front of a modern wooden wall, smiling, and her hands are on her hips..

Pattern: Hosta View A
Fabric: Lady McElroy Bridal Bouquet Jersey
Size: S
Modifications: None

Close up of Keli's Hosta Sweatshirt, her arm are stretched out to the sides.

The Hosta is beautiful in solids, but prints are a fun way to spice up this simple pattern!

Close up of Keli standing in her floral Hosta sweathsirt with her arms at her sides.

This mid-weight, drapey jersey with pops of colorful flowers makes the Hosta View A into a cozy, long sleeve tee. 

Keli laughing in her Hosta Sweatshirt.

Thank you for modeling, Keli!


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