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Kaylee's Mammoth Negroni Shirt

After finishing my Alder + Archer dress in Robert Kaufman's cozy mammoth flannel, my husband Andy was constantly commenting on how soft and warm it looked. So for Christmas I decided that the perfect gift for him would be his very own cozy mammoth flannel Negroni.

Colette Negroni in Mammoth Flannel

Pattern: Negroni from Walden by Colette Patterns
Materials: 3.125 yards Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Buffalo Check Grey, 9- size 16 snaps, 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
Size made: Large
​Modifications: Raised the hem by 2.5 inches

Since this was a surprise I couldn't get Andy's body measurements to determine what size shirt to make. So instead I just measured one of his shirts that had a nice fit and compared those measurements to the final measurements listed for the shirt. In the end a large was the best for the chest and sleeve length, but the back length was a little long. While tracing the pattern, I just took 2.5" off the lengthen/shorten line. The final fit is pretty good especially since there was no way to try it on before fully finishing it.

I loved making this shirt and absolutely intend to make more. The construction is fantastic and makes for a beautifully finished interior shirt. The pattern piece for the sleeve placket was very intimidating, but the instructions were clear and there was no reason for me to be worried about it. I did not do the sleeve placket in the thick flannel though because of the many small, precise folds needed. I definitely made that choice out of necessity, but I really love the look of the contrasting placket and I'm so glad that it ended up that way.

I also decided to go with snaps instead of the suggested 1/2" buttons mostly because Andy LOVES shirts with snaps. The bronze snaps (available in store) have a really clean look and go great with the grey check flannel. I did have a little trouble getting the snaps through all those thick layers of flannel, but even with a few misfires, it was still way faster than sewing 9 button holes and buttons on the shirt.

When I go to make another one of these I'm definitely excited to try the short sleeved version. I have also seen a tutorial on Male Pattern Boldness on how to draft a collar stand and how to add a more traditional button band and I definitely plan on giving those a try as well. This pattern is very versatile and I just know Andy is going to love having tons of custom shirts to wear.

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