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Kaylee's Cohesive Uniform

From the moment I heard about the Madder + Grainline Studio collaboration Uniform, Knit + Sew,  I knew that I wanted to make both pieces from the collection. I love the idea of making wardrobe basics that pair together perfectly and help build a casual, wearable, wardrobe of handmade clothing of both knit and sewn garments. Plus, I have been a longtime fan of both Grainline Studio patterns and the beautiful knits from Madder. When the book came in, I got directly to work picking fabrics and yarn!

Uniform Cardigan and Tunic

Pattern: Uniform Cardigan from Uniform - Knit & Sew by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Materials: 7 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Fauna, 6 Antique Brass Metal Buttons
Size: 38 3/4”

This cardigan is seriously my dream sweater. The shape is simple and well fitting, great for slipping over all my handmade tops including my new Uniform Tunic. I just know that I will be reaching for this sweater all the time. I am honestly thinking about making this same sweater again in a grey or black color simply because I love it so much! 

Detail of button band on Carrie Bostick Hoge Uniform Cardigan

The unique thing about this cardigan pattern is the infinite possibilities when you are deciding which version to make. This claims to be just one sweater pattern, but it is really so much more. First of all, it is written for both worsted weight yarns and fingering weight yarn. There is a long version and a short version. Plus, there are about 13 or 14 other style elements that you can pick from like collar shaping, pockets, and button band size to make your sweater completely customizable. I made the fingering weight long body sweater with A-line shaping, a dropped back, simple hem band, long fitted sleeves and a simple button band. What a mouthful! If you like this sweater but you wish it was a little different in some way, chances are Carrie has thought of it and given you instructions on how to do it.

Back View of the Long Fingering Weight Uniform Cardigan

Pattern: Uniform Tunic from Uniform - Knit & Sew by Jen Beeman
Materials: Romsey Linen in Charcoal
Modifications: Sleeveless, V-neck Version, Cut the armholes a 1/4” deeper 

This tunic is honestly not something I would typically pick for myself. I was worried about the shape of this garment wouldn’t work well with my body type, but I loved the idea behind the book so much that I was willing to try a new silhouette. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got the shirt finished that I actually loved the shape! I guess I should know to trust Jen Beeman in everything she designs.

Kaylee Lockhart's Uniform Tunic in grey Romsey Linen

I cut the armholes a 1/4” deeper than the Tunic front pattern piece because I have made MANY Grainline Studio patterns and it is an alteration I have to make on almost all her patterns to make them fit my body best. I took a guess and it was spot on! The underarm fit is great with no pulling or snugness at all. I would also like to mention that this tunic is a bit sung on me. If you purchased the book when it first came out last spring, there was a printing error in the sewing pattern which caused the final prints to be 4% too small. Make sure you download the newest version of the pattern from their website before you begin making your own shirt to avoid the same snugness.

Detail of Romsey Linen in charcoal

I could go on and on about the beauty of this Romsey Linen. I completely love the texture and a feel of this beautiful sturdy linen. Plus the rich deep Charcoal color is the perfect shade for my basic tunic. I will say that if wrinkles drive you batty, don’t make the Uniform Tunic from this fabric. Since you end up sitting on this long tunic all the time it does tend to wrinkle. It doesn’t bother me, I love the natural wrinkly nature of linen, but I know that some people are really bothered by it. I would recommend Robert Kaufman  Brussels Washer for a semi-similar look with less wrinkles.

Uniform Knit + Sew

I am so excited to really make the most of my uniform this Fall. It has been a way to hot to consider wearing sweaters yet, but if I keep dreaming of cool weather I just know it will arrive in no time!



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