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Kaylee's Cline

A while back before Jaime started knitting her beautiful Cline sweater, Julie Hoover sent a sample sweater to the shop. I tried it on and fell completely in love with the simple, but unique design, relaxed fit, and oversized sleeves. I set to work making a plan.

Kaylee Lockhart in her green-yellow MadelineTosh DK Cline Sweater

Pattern: Cline by Julie Hoover
Materials: 5.5 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Oak
Size Made: 47.25”
Modifications: None

Detail of Madelinetosh DK in Oak colorway

My yarn choice was a whole other story. I actually knit this beautiful Oak colored Tosh DK into another sweater years ago that I definitely loved, but only seldom used. I pulled the sweater apart about a year ago and have been sitting on the yarn waiting for the perfect pattern that I could get more use out of. I knew that Julie Hoover’s Cline pullover would fit my style better and make it into rotation much more frequently. It was the perfect match!

Julie Hoover's 3/4 sleeve pullover, Cline

One thing I absolutely love about knitting is the ability to give materials new life. If I know that something isn’t getting the use it deserves, there is the option to start over and make a wiser choice. This is so much more difficult with other mediums like sewing and I feel so much better not wasting these beautiful and precious materials. My smooth, superwash Madelinetosh DK yarn was just as sturdy and lovely the second time I worked with it as it was the first time around. We no longer carry this lovely colorway, but every time I look at Tosh I fall head over heels for the ever-changing rainbow of colors they offer. You can check out the latest and greatest colors here.

Ample Armhole on the Cline Sweater

My bust measures just under 40” and the sample I tried on was much smaller on me than the recommended 13.25” of positive ease. I liked the fit and more cropped look that the smaller size achieved when trying it on, so I went ahead and made the 47.25” size even though it only had around 7" of ease. I was a bit anxious that I had made a mistake while I was knitting, but once I finished, I knew I  had definitely made the right choice. The fit is exactly what I was hoping for!

Kaylee making a silly face in her Cline Sweater

Knitting and blocking a swatch for this yarn is incredibly important. It grows a tremendous amount when wet (especially if you are working with any kind of lace pattern) and you will be very sad if it grows too large after you start wearing your sweater. Knit a swatch and trust the gauge! It may seem small while you are knitting, but I promise, it will grow after you are done. 

In the end, it was so hard to tear out a sweater that I loved, but having a finished pullover that I will get more use out of makes it totally worth it. Hooray for Julie Hoover’s Cline pattern rescuing my abandoned MadelineTosh DK!

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