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Kaylee's Christmas Raglan

I am a notorious last-minute crafter. The first step is admitting it! Every year about 2 weeks before Christmas I fall into a making frenzy when I realize how many things I intended to finish before the holiday and how few of those things I have actually accomplished. This year, a Christmas dress was on my intended to do list and as usual, I waited until the absolute last second to make it! Let me tell you though, I am SO glad I squeezed this dreamy plaid dress in my sewing schedule.

Kaylee in her blue plaid Avid Seamstress Raglan Dress in front of a white wall looking off to the side

Pattern: The Raglan Dress/Top by The Avid Seamstress
Materials: 3 1/4 yards Robert Kaufman Tahoe Flannel Navy (slightly more than what was called for to accommodate plaid matching), 14” invisible zipper 
Size: 6 on the top, graded out to 7 on the bottom
Modifications: None

Detail of the neckline on Kaylee Lockhart's Avid Seamstress Raglan Dress

I have made an Avid Seamstress Raglan Dress once before (check it out here), so I knew I loved the style and fit already. I have been eager to make another one to try out the wide, longer sleeve option and this seemed like the perfect time. Plus, this dress and its seven pieces come together incredibly quickly which was perfect for my eleventh-hour schedule. 

Side view of Kaylee's Robert Kaufman Tahoe Plaid Navy Raglan dress, with matching plaid

Now that I had the pattern picked it was time to narrow down fabric options. I knew I wanted something that felt slightly festive, but not something that was so over the top that I couldn’t wear it all winter long. Comfort is always on my mind when I am choosing garments…gone are the days of me sacrificing contentment for style points. The final consideration was warmth. With forecasts for Christmas Eve and Christmas in the 20’s and teen’s for Colorado, I knew it had to be cozy. All signs pointed to a Robert Kaufman plaid flannel.

Kaylee standing with her legs crossed and hands in the pockets of the Avid Seamstress Raglan Dress

My love of Robert Kaufman flannel is well documented (here and here). I can’t get enough of the stuff! This time I went with Tahoe Flannel in Navy. The white and navy colors with a touch of red were the perfect amount of festive, not-too-festive that I was looking for. There are so many great color options that I was tempted by, but in the end, I made the right choice for the dress I was dreaming of.

Kaylee Lockhart, hands in pockets, looking at the ground

This dress is so comfortable! Like pajamas all over my body. The ample arm space, cozy soft two-sided flannel, and A-line shape make this the most comfortable dress I have ever made. Seriously!  Aside from that, it is also exactly what I wanted for my Christmas dress. Vaguely festive, casual+, and something I can wear over and over. I couldn’t be more pleased with the end results!

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