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Kaylee's Carnaby Yarn Woven Pillow

The only way to celebrate a friends promotion is with beautiful, handmade office decorations. Especially when one of your best friends inherits a drab office just before Christmas. I knew I wanted to make my friend Sarah something that would bring warmth and pleasing textures to a bland office space, but I also didn’t want something so large or specific it would take over a room that is meant to be focused and professional. Anne Weil’s Basketweave Pillow made with one hank of super precious felted merino seemed like the perfect fit. Beautiful, handmade, very special, but not overwhelming. 

Weaving Within Reach Chunky Woven Pillow in Pewter Carnaby Yarn Co felted Merino Hank

Pattern: Chunky Basketweave Pillow from Weaving Within Reach by Anne Weil
Materials: 1 Carnaby Yarn Co. Felted Merino Wool Hank in Pewter, 1/2 yard Essex Solids in Steel, 16” pillow form 

I have been dreaming of making a huge throw out of the amazing Carnaby Yarn wool hanks, but I just know it would become my dogs favorite blanket and I’m just not sure my tiny dog needs a pricy, luxurious throw like that. ;) When I idea to make this woven pillow from the hanks I knew it was a great way to try them out and I jumped at the chance to work with this unique roving/yarn blend. Plus one hank of pure merino luxury is totally in my price range!

Closeup of basketweaving technique from Weaving Within Reach

The beautiful hand dyed color variations and subtle texture of these woolen hanks adds depth and interest to this simple basketweave pattern letting the beauty of the wool shine through. Although this yarn is definitely thicker than the sample shown in the book, my regular home sewing machine stitched through all the layers with ease. The only modification I would recommend for a chunky yarn like this? An envelope style closure for the back of the pillow. It will take a bit more fabric, but it would make it so you can sew all the way around the pillow with your swinging machine and skip the awkward and cumbersome step of hand stitching the final hole closed.

Kylie and the Machine One of a Kind Tag

Obviously, I had to finish off this lovely little pillow with a tag befitting its handmade status. I love all the Kylie and the Machine woven tags, but this one hides perfectly on the back, a special little surprise just for Sarah.

Detail of Carnaby Yarn Co Felted Merino Wool Hanks

One of the things I love about Anne Weil’s most recent book is the amazing list of weaving projects she has included that do not require a loom. As a complete weaving beginner, I love the idea of testing out some projects before feeling forced to make a huge money and storage investment on tools I’m not sure I will get tons of use from. This is the third loom-less Weaving Within Reach project I have tackled, and they have all been a complete joy! You will definitely get your money's worth from this stunning, info-packed book.


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