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Kaylee's BIBBE Pullover

At the beginning of August, I finished up Pam Allen’s Bobbie pullover out of Quince and Co.  Willet. I absolutely love the shape, but the combination of cotton yarn and bright colors make it really feel like a summer garment. When I saw BIBBE, Meghan Kelly’ s oversized dolman pullover I knew it would be the perfect sweater to take me through the winter months.

Kaylee Lockhart's BIBBE in Arranmore Light

Pattern: BIBBE by Meghan Kelly for the Kelbourne Woolens Pop Collection
Materials: 4 skeins of Arranmore Light by The Fibre Company in Malin Head
Modifications: Knit the neck length to 6” instead of 8,” Knit the sleeve length to 10” instead of 6”
SizeMade: Small

Arranmore Light in Malin Head

The Fibre Company’s new yarn Arranmore Light is a dream to work with. It has an incredible semi-rustic texture, beautiful Donegal tweeds, and drape for days. With an 80% Merino Wool / 10% Silk / 10% Cashmere Goat blend it is soft to the touch and feels great close to your body. It really is my dream sweater yarn! The shadowy Malin Head colorway is the just the icing on the cake

Longer BIBBE sleeves in broken rib stitch

The hem, collar, and sleeves are all knit up in a simple but striking broken rib pattern. I have to say, I completely fell in love with this simple stitch while I was knitting this! The texture it creates is stable and pleasing to the eye, while still being super easy to accomplish. I added several inches to my sleeves, and they still knit up fairly quickly.

BIBBE Dolman pullover from the back

Although this pattern calls for all the pieces to be knit separately, I decided to knit the bottom in the round. When the pattern called for underarm shaping, I split and began working back and forth for the front and the back. The pattern is simple with easy to follow directions. It is a bit time consuming to complete, but doesn't require too much attention while you are knitting and is totally worth the wait!

BIBBE Collar

While I was knitting my sleeves and collar I decided to try the sweater on as I went. Once they reached a length that I liked, I just bound off. I’m super glad that I checked these measurements as I knit because the collar was a little too long for my preference and I always like my sleeves to be on the longer side of a three-quarter length. I ended up kitting my collar to 6” before binding off and I knit the sleeves all the way to 10.”

I know this sweater will be my go to for this winter. I couldn’t be more happy with the results and it was totally worth every stitch!


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  • Oct 06, 2017

    I did Leah! It is the Grainline Studio Moss Skirt out of Stretch Cone Mills denim.

    — Kaylee

  • Oct 06, 2017

    Love the cozy sweater, the color is so nice! Did you sew the jean skirt too?

    — Leah

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