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Katy's Shibui Twig Sans Kerchief

Katy, our webstore manager, has a penchant for bright pops of color. Neon coral, acid yellow, saturated fuchsia--she wears them all with major style--but we all know her favorite is brightest, deepest royal blue. When we added Shibui's newest yarn, Twig, to the shop, she immediately fell for the stunning saturated blue color, Blueprint. We love the simple square kerchief she knitted from this crisp, tweedy summer yarn! Here's Katy to tell you about her project.

I knew when the staff here started our summer yarn KAL that it was going to be during a busy few months for me, and that I needed to pick something simple I could take with me everywhere and work on a couple rows at a time. The Sans Kerchief, being a big stockinette square, totally fit the bill.

Pattern: Sans Kerchief by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Shibui Twig in Blueprint, 5 skeins
Size Made: Large (36"x36")
Modifications: None 

Shibui Twig is a new yarn to the shop, and as soon as I saw the Blueprint colorway, I knew I had to make something with it. The other Tigers call bright blue "Katy Blue," so I guess I was staying true to form! Twig is a blend of silk and linen with just the tiniest hint of wool, and has a great slubby, but drapey texture. I'm normally a merino kind of gal, so this was my first time working with a summer yarn and I really enjoyed it, especially the weight of it as my project grew bigger.

One thing I found interesting as I knit the kerchief is that for the first time as a knitter I felt like I was making a fabric because of the simplicity of the pattern, as opposed to making an object. It sounds like a small difference, but it was really soothing to think about it like that. I mean, that's what knitting really is, isn't it? Fabric-making, by hand.

I made the large size of the pattern, and I'm glad I did because I feel like the small size wouldn't stay around my neck as well. The finished square came out to be around 36x36 for a nice, substantial scarf. I'll get a lot of wear out of it because of its simplicity and the color. I tend to wear a lot of black and grey and I love having a bright color pop!

I hope you'll make the Sans Kerchief too, it's the perfect mindless travel project!

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